For those seeking the Royal Blue with Brown Basketweave color combo

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  1. Rebecca will be doing a revival of this style for an upcoming season! I know a lot of you were desperately wanting this bag! Don't fret! You will be able to get one!:yahoo:
  2. that's great to hear. This is one of her fave bags! Is it only for the royal or did she mention if there will be any other colors?
  3. great news! I shall save some $$ for the next season bags
  4. Wonderful news!!! I hope it had tassels! But I'm not too picky, I want this bag desperately!
  5. Yay!!! Thank you Gung! I think this particular combo is a classic for RM.
  6. :choochoo: Yes!!! Awesome! Thanks for all of this great info GUNG!