For those purchasing NEW b-bags for fall 2007..


Which hardware will you be going with for fall 2007 bags?

  1. Regular Hardware

  2. Giant Hardware

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. How many of you plan to get your bags with reg. hardware, and how many plan to purchase bags with giant hardware?

    I know many of us have changed our minds since it first debuted, just interested to see what the breakdown will be for new fall bags.:yahoo:
  2. I am going to wait and see, it's really hard to say right now what's going to grab me.
  3. I actually love the way the GH looks, but I find I tend not to carry them, because they're not quite me, somehow. So i'll probably buy RH. One possible exception: a black day with silver GH, because that would rock.
  4. i am sticking with the RH. i love the GH too but it is just not me:crybaby: . looks great on all the gals though. i am glad there is a lot of ladies here that loves them so that i can use their photos as eye candies:drool: .
  5. Both my grape City & jaune Makeup will be RH
  6. My violet Work and yellow Twiggy will have RH. I got the GH mania out of my system after I bought my Natural GH Brief, which I adore. I don't feel the need to own a second GH bag since I'm happy with my first.
  7. I like the look of the GH, but I'm scared of the extra weight the hardware adds to the bags. So, I'll be sticking with the RH for now (though a brief with GH sounds awesome)
  8. I am planning to get a First in either Tomato or Ocean!
  9. That's very similar to my experience w/GH...I'm not quite done experimenting, but not as enthusiastic about it as I once was.
  10. I like the GH looks on certain colors only and try to have and carry it... but it's just seem not me at all. I prefer to be plain and simple like the RH looks.
  11. GH really caught my eyes and that's when I really got into the BBag. The GH just gave the Bbag the wow factor. Now that have the GH, I'm leaning toward the RH for my next Bbag so I'll have both! :graucho:
  12. I still go for regular HW for all new 07 seasons.........:smile:
  13. i have been waiting for Silver for the longest time. GH Violet City it is as I already have a lilac city
  14. I'm definitely sticking with RH. I didn't like GH when it first came out, and I still don't like it, silver or gold. It's just too blingly for me, and it's heavy.

    My Tomato City will be in RH, and I'm deciding between Mastic and Ocean Work.
  15. GH HOBO Mastic and RH Day Rouge 07 for me :biggrin: