For those PF'ers thinking about a Steel City or Ivory Matelasse...

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  1. well they're totally worth it! Here's my latest 2 additions. I was so excited to be receiving my first medium Matelasse. I love how the Ivory works so well with the quilting and the light / dark contrasts. Fluffy pillows of goodness!!! This is a medium size and is a perfect addition to my City's collection. I really miss my Ink Box and the medium Matelasse is just a bigger version of the beloved discontinued Box.

    The Ivory is a gorgeous colour IRL and will wear very well, moreso than blanc. The handles on the Matelasse are made from sus scrof leather and they will be sooo easy to keep clean. Much easier than the chevre leather on other Bbags. The handles are larger and sturdier. There is also an additional stitch on the handles just inside the edge of the whipstitching, this will prevent softening and cracking of paint in the edges. Ingenious!

    The quilting is amazing. As we all know, the quilting looks to be of a different method to the Chanel & MJ quilts. It's almost like the leather has been folded inside or twisted in some way, then hand stitched to form each delightful little pillow. I can see why these bags retail at $1795. There is a lot of work in the quilting & stuffing alone. If you can find one of these now under retail, I would highly recommend adding one to your collection.

    I bought mine from hgbags and as usual, it was carefully selected and packaged very carefully to prevent any squashing during transit. Finally, the little silver hardware simply sets this bag off. I am looking forward to teaming it with my winter whites, olives, browns...Hmmm and violet, blues, mustard yellow & black...This is a very versatile colour!

    I am not one to own any light coloured Bbags. I think the lightest I have ever owned is French Blue!!! I decided I would bend my own rules with Ivory. As I live in a summery environment on the coast in Queensland, Australia...I need my bags to work well throughout the year. I think Ivory will do this for me.:yahoo:

    Now for my new Steel City. It had fab leather and I chose this one over a black City. The black was very dark and a bit too glossy for me. The Steel is more of a charcol / dark grey and goes with all my my outfits effortlessly. The leather is divine and thick and will age beautifully. I love my 2 new additions!:heart:

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  2. The medium Ivory Matelasse was lovingly packaged:

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  3. Hello beautiful!!! and comparison pics...

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  4. The City & medium Matelasse

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  5. congrats!! :yahoo:I really love ivory too, I'm just too scared to have an ivory bag because of I know I'l freak out over every tiny scratch or stain. The leather on the city looks beautiful too. So fun!!
  6. Oh wow ... they are both gorgeous! Congrats! I have a Steel First, but I love it in a City ... wish I would have gotten that instead (although I still love it!). The First is nearly too small for me.
  7. Wow! These bags are gorgeous!
  8. Both bags are beautiful! :smile:
  9. I have been absolutely going around the bend trying to decide between the steel and the black city!!! This one looks divine (the steel) but I still wonder if I can carry a grey bag. IS IT GREY?? I really am a black purse kinda girl, but have mogano (07 dark brown also known as cinnamon) city and love it. I had the 2006 black city and sold it. Now I regret that I don't have a black city (only have the black day) Argh what to do. I LOVE your steel and am now thinking I may need this instead of black. Can anyone help please. If anyone has black and steel to put side by side and post a picture?? Oh, I do want to say that I had anthracite city GH and it was too blue for my liking. Is the steel blue at all??
  10. Congrats. :yahoo:You got two gorgeous new bags.:tup: Enjoy them.:wlae:
  11. Beautiful! Love the colors, they will go with everything :tup:
  12. Both are gorgeous but oh that Matelasse. I am in love, :heart:it's so beautiful. If that bag had a shoulder strap, I would buy it in a second. Congratulations, they are gorgeous. I had to save the pic of the Matelasse so I can :drool: over it.
  13. Oh WOW!!:nuts: Congratulations, sweety!!:yahoo: I absolutely love them both and the Matelasse is [SIZE=-1]très [/SIZE]chic!!:love: Congratulations!!:tender::heart:
  14. [​IMG]

    woowww! it looks so soft and buttery! almost like a cloud/pillow..

  15. My feelings exactly, I have a perfectly chosen black city on it's wait to me. I think that I won't be satisfied until I get both!

    KDC, two truely great bags. I can't wait to see modeling pics!