For those ones having Cartier LOVE necklace or bangle

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  1. Are yours yellow gold or white gold? What do you suggest for Asian fair skin? Yellow or white gold? Thanks.:shame:
  2. I have the white gold. i always thought yellow gold looked good against asian skin. its something about the undertone of asian skin tone.
  3. I prefer yellow.. no matter what your skintone.
  4. I agree with VuittonsLover. Yellow gold is the way to go :smile:
  5. Thanks for all the replies. I also want to know whether the white gold pieces will fade, because clearly it is not easy to take LOVE pieces off everyday? Thanks again.
  6. from other posts I have seen.. some have said the rodium in the white gold has faded out.

    Maybe search Cartier Love Bracelet. There is a ton of posts on it.
  7. I have the yellow gold and my DH has the Platinum one so it does not need plating ...I love them both...!
  8. I don't have one, but I'm partial to the white or rose gold ones (regardless of skintone).
  9. I have the rose gold and love it
  10. i vote :tup:for yellow.
  11. Thanks again. Looks like people more prefer yellow or rose gold than white gold.
  12. i have a white gold love neckalce and its beautiful i havent had it long so odnt know about the color fading, but i love the rose gold! LOVE LOVE LOVE it.. even if allll your other jewellery is white i love rose gold
  13. I have the rose gold and it's perfect for my Asian skin.
  14. Thanks La Vanguardia, would you mind posting a pic?:yes:

  15. I think if your skin is more yellowy you'd be better off with rose gold or white gold.