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  1. Who have a regular SA (that you adore) at the LV boutique, do you give them a Holiday gift? Since it is the season of sharing and caring :love:

    If so, what have you given them OR what will you give him/her? :shrugs:
  2. Well I send thank you cards to my SA after every purchase, even if its from the Chicago store. I send Holiday cards to both also. I sent my one SA a gift of $ and the store chocolates
  3. That is very sweet of you Matt!!! You're a great customer.
  4. I have one SA in mind that I would love to give a gift to. I'm still debating on what though...
  5. I gave mine chocolate
  6. Yes, I do give gifts of appreciation.:flowers:
  7. Me too! Is this deja vu?
  8. I would but my store goes through a lot of SAs each year so I basically end up working with most all the SAs at one time or another..they all know me anyway. But no, I don't give any gifts or anything...I'd like a VIP gift first lol.
  9. lol I guess I am SUCKING UP to get a VIP gift!
  10. I just mailed mine off today....a card with a travelling book (my SA mentioned travelling in one of my visits and the book is the Top 10 lists for travelling....i.e. top 10 shopping areas, etc.) and a nice bookmark that had a quote on it and said Thank You.
  11. I just sent a card.
  12. For my SA I gave flowers and a voucher, for the whole store I gave chocolates and a LUSH box of goodies and also gave the lovely door man some little way of thanking them for their much appreciated service;)
  13. I sent my SA in Chicago a gift certificate for a mani, pedi, facial for my miroir speedy. I love her.
  14. I'm going to send my SA a Xmas card with a gift certificate for $50. I hope she'll like it since this is my first time doing it.
  15. Wow, that's really nice of you! :nuts: