For those of you with Vernis wallets

  1. Do you just shove your wallet in your purse along with everything else? :nuts:

    Thats what I do with my current wallet, but I'm thinking about getting a pomme koala wallet. I'm afraid that if I just stick it in my speedy it will get scratched rolling around with my keys and stuff.

    Anyone have a problem with keys scratching their vernis wallet?

    Whonk whonk! :nuts:
  2. Haven't had any problems but to be on the safe side maybe you should get a key holder too :graucho:
  3. Keys shouldn't be so sharp that they can scratch patent leather. Right?

    I have a pomme koala and I love it! But I haven't carried it enough to be able to give a good answer...
  4. I have pomme koala and I love it! I use a purseket so my wallet sits in the middle with my other larger accessories. I would either put my keys on the key post(on purseket), or in one of the pockets. I've had no problems with my pomme getting scratched, but I'm pretty careful with what sits next to it. Here's a pic of my pomme koala in my bag w/the pursket.
    LV insidebag 03.jpg
  5. Just realized that the pic shows my keys on the post, so it doesn't touch anything. Now I have a 4-key holder though.
  6. I use my Pomme Agenda as a wallet and just toss it in my bag along with everything else including keys. So far nothing has made it look bad it's been about 2 or 3 weeks maybe?
  7. I have a pomme french purse and it just gets thrown into my bag!! most of my keys are in my 4 key holder but my car key is free and I haven't had scratching issues.
  8. I use envelope plate as wallet so It goes in my hand or in my bag, but I'm careful with it. You should be fine though, maybe get a pochette or wristlet to tuck it in? But I think you most def need a key holder!
  9. Yup. I haven't used a Vernis wallet since before Christmas (when I got my Groom ones) but when I did, I'd shove it right in there with everything else. Never got scratched or anything at all.
  10. i'm using the pomme agenda and pearl cles and i just stuff it in there along with pens and keys...i know I'm bad..I live on the wild side :rochard:

    oooh pomme koala ould be YUUMMMY!! get it arnott!! get it!!
  11. I keep my Vernis Cles in my bag and it hasn't been hurt yet :yes:
  12. i am using a pomme french too and no scratching for me.. :yes:
  13. I first read pens as "pennies". I was about to say, "Pearl cles and pennies?! :cursing: "

    When did you get the pearl cles?
  14. i just stuff it in with evereything... the thing is it has red on the edges from the red lining inside ><
  15. Did you have your keys in there? :nuts: