For those of you with the Tivoli GM....

  1. Or any bag with adjustable handles... Which "hole" do you have your strap adjusted to? Me, I have it on the second to last, so a little vachetta hangs down the bag...

    Anyway, I am wondering if you should pick a hole and stick to it? I am thinking adjusting the straps continuously would damage the vachetta, although leaving it one place might leave a dent (or a discolored part), so if you changed your mind later it wouldn't look right..KWIM? Advice?
  2. I have my on the second to last and I will not change it. Only because its like a know...once its used to being on the same hole...its going to indent.
  3. i have mine how it came... dont wanna move it in fear of ruining it either...
  4. yes, i find the most comfy adjustment and stick with it.
  5. I always pick a hole and stick to it- that is because I do not like the dents and discolouration it shows (which is nomal) when you change it.
  6. Pick a spot & stick to it. I realized over this year of collecting LV that shoulder bags are easier for me so I put my Tivoli GM straps on the 2nd to the last hole, too.
  7. I don't have the Tivoli (yet!) but on my Petit Bucket I keep the straps buckled in the same spot.
  8. Is a shoulder strap for this bag included?
  9. No the Palermo came with the strap.
  10. Bumping...

    So for those of you who have had your handles for awhile on the top 2 or 3 holes have you noticed the very bottom of the flat handle strap rolling up?
  11. I have mine on the first one from the top, in order to make the straps as short as possible (I only carry it in my hand or elbow, never shoulder). It will stay there. Haven't noticed any curling as of yet, going on a year.
  12. No curling for me. I pick a hole and stick to it.