For those of you with the Neverfull...

  1. do you keep the sides cinched??? I really like the look of the bag better when its cinched and I remember seeing a pic somewhere on the forum of someone clipping the sides together with something ...sorry im really vague lol! So anyone have any tips/tricks for keeping it cinched ?? TIA:smile:
  2. [​IMG]
    I cinch the sides by tying a double knot. I hope this helps.
  3. Yeah it does actually thanks! I hadnt thought about that! I thought I could use juicy couture charms to keep the two metal parts together, what do you think?
  4. Wow...I haven't thought about that, let me try. But it would stink if you lose those juicy charms, they're not that cheap. Good suggestion though.:tup:
  5. yes, i remember seeing that post before about securing the straps. i plan on going to the bead store and getting some lobster claw closures (like the ones on necklaces) to clip onto the rings to lock them shut. i will also look for some charms to stick on them, probably take a couple off my betsey johnson charm necklace. hope that makes sense
  6. ^^ I was thinking I could just get the lobster claws too but I didnt know where! Oh and my mom and I have tons of juicy couture charms (actually mostly my mom :p she loves them!), more than we can fit onto 1 bracelet at a time so ill use a few that arent being used if I dont find the lobster claws!
  7. I do this too!:tup:
  8. Juicy charms will do the trick :yes: they go on sale from time to time, so it's really not that bad
  9. Yes, I saw the post you are talking about. that girl clipped the sides together with little charms.

    I did something similar: I went to a crafts store and got some larger locks to make bracelets and necklaces. They have the same colour is the hardware on the bag.
    It works fine but after a while the top sides are still together and at the bottom it's getting wider again. I guess there's nothing to do about that...

    (hope this all makes sense :confused1:)
  10. I read the post about the charms as well. It looked really cute.
  11. Thanks everyone, I *might* pick it up tomorrow! If theres no misaligned sides, like ive heard alot about on here.