For Those of You With the Gustto Small Bacca

  1. Does it fit easily over the shoulder?
  2. Definitely. It is not really a small bag but is very light and squishy.

    There have been comments on the forum about the large one not working well on the shoulder, however.

    Love the Baca.
  3. Thanks! I wasn't worried about the large one, I wanted the smaller one!
  4. The small is amazing as a shoulder bag or a satchel!
  5. I love love love the Baca as a shoulder bag, yes it fits great and actually stays up there pretty good too.

    Their leather is very soft and squishy. Someone once called this bag the 'big lump of bread dough' bag, quite a good analogy.

    Here are mine.
    GusttoBacaBlue-Front2.JPG RustBacaFront.jpg
  6. Ladysalesrep...gotta tell you...every time I see that blue baca of yours, I get soooo jealous! That's such a great color!
  7. I have heard that the smaller Baca fits better on the shoulder than the larger one. I think it has more drop length. I love my small Baca. I can't imagine needing the bigger one. I can stuff this thing to amazing extents...LOL
  8. Thanks for all the info girls! I really think this I'm going to have to get one of these in the very near future!!

    Ladysalesrep, that blue one is GORGEOUS! Do you know if that color is still made?
  9. The small Baca is great on shoulder length, and fits a ton inside. Without anything in it, the strap drop is 11 inches. With items in it, it goes to 12+ inches. Very comfortable on the shoulder, and great for hand carrying if you desire, as the straps are not cumbersome. Love the small Baca-have 4 of them!!!
  10. mama, that color is simply called 'blue' and is not made any longer.

    There is another color that is similiar called 'seafoam green' and also one called 'petrol' that is close to my blue with a tint of green. I see these pop up on eBay now and then.
  11. Can you wear this over your shoulder, even with a winter coat on? Do you use an organizer (ie, purseket or a chameleon insert)?

    Finally, does anyone happen to know the least expensive place to purchase one?

    Thank you!!!
  12. When I purchased my first Baca, it was at the end of the winter, and I tried it on with my winter coat. It fit fine, and my coat is heavy. I will not purchase a bag unless I can wear it over my shoulder. I like to have the option of a handbag & shoulderbag.

    eBay is a great place to get one. There are relatively no fakes yet, and a number of reputable sellers. You can probably get one for about $300-$350, brand new.

    You can also get one on the internet, with a few sites giving 20% discounts, but the price would end up being about $550, which is about $200 cheaper than buying it in a retail department store + tax.

    Hope this helps!
  13. You can buy them at revolveclothing. With a first time customer code, it's 30% off! And you can actually apply it to gustto!
  14. Judie, I purchased both of mine on eBay, the blue was used (240), the rust was new (460).

    There are fakes of Bacas but I have only seen them in the dark brown colors, like vintage brown. They tend to look 'wrinkled'. And of course the fakers are always hot on the heels of what colors to fake next, all for a buck.

    Just tread carefully.
  15. Thanks guys! I'm afraid of buying off ebay, especially with the fakes going on. I am willing to spend more money to make sure my bag is authentic, plus I can always return it if I don't like the bag.

    I was thinking of getting a black one, or at the very least, a dark colored one.

    But I'm still on my purse ban- no bag until I lose 5 pounds. I've lost 2.6 pounds in 2 weeks so far. :rolleyes: