For those of you with Speedy 30 or bigger

  1. Where do you keep your speedy when you are at a restaurant and there is no extra chair to put your bag? Because the Speedy 30 is so wide that if you put it behind you it takes up half the chair. So do you keep it on your lap? Do you put it on the floor? :yucky: My aunt bought these "purse hooks" to hook onto the edge of a table so that your purse can hang off a hook, but those hooks look kind of grannyish! :lol:
  2. If I am not familar with the "layout" of the restaurant, I carry a smaller bag, just to be on the safe side. If worse comes to worse, I would try to find a clean spot on the floor and place it there.
  3. I'd def still keep her in the back of my chair and sacrifice myself by sitting on the edge... I wouldn't put her in my lap for fear of getting food/drink spillt on her!
  4. Carry a small clean cloth in your speedy at all times, that way if you must place it on the floor, you put the towel down first.
  5. Speedys will balance across the tops of your shoes as a last resort.

  6. hahahahah :roflmfao:
  7. Yup, thats what I do. :yes:
  8. i take a chair from another table, but then i'm just rude like that so....

  9. I forgot. I did do that at a benefit dinner. :yes:
  10. TOO FUNNY TACO!!! :lol:

    My Speedy sits behind me.. so it gets squished a lil but it's a sturdy bag-- it'll live...!

  11. I make sure the floor is clean, then stick it between my feet. i have balanced it on my feet when the floor appeared to be not so clean.
  12. it would go on my lap or on the end of the table depending on how the layout was.
    No floor for my bags.
  13. I have brought my speedy to a restaurant...if there is not an extra chair around, I keep it on my lap and put a napkin over it...if I must, I will put it on the ground with of course, on top of a napkin...=) I know i'm anal
  14. I was starting to think I was the only one.:crybaby:
    :lol: :lol:
  15. I will also place mine on a chair.