For those of you with Revlon Colorstay...

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  1. I just got this foundation this weekend (love!!!), but I've found that is incredibly hard to take off at night. I used my clarisonic for the first time last night, I pre washed my face because I didn't want to stain the bristles, but wow that didn't work. The clarisonic got it all off, but I hate the stain it left behind. How would you suggest removing it? As of right now I'm using Purity, and that didn't do the trick.

    Anyone have this same experience? Thanks so much for your advice!!
  2. I use this regularly and can't say I've experienced this problem - and I use a facial brush twice a day. It doesn't stain my bristles.

    I'd suggest maybe using wipes to take off the majority of it and then using your Clarisonic.
  3. I TOTALLY understand your problem. The one thing I hate about that foundation is the way it leaves my Clarisonic brush head filthy looking. Today I went to MAC and got a sample of their Cleanse Off Oil to try and I think it may be what I have been looking for. What I did was wipe my face with a wet-wipe, used the cleanse off oil and then my Clarisonic. I could definitely tell the difference because my brush head was not stained with the foundation, but I will have to try this method a couple of more times before I get too excited!
  4. have you tried shu uemura cleansing oikl + toner afterwards?
  5. I'm glad I'm not alone in this! I've started just washing my face thoroughly before using my clarisonic... the stains aren't as bad as they were the first time.
  6. I wipe it off with ponds cold cream or oil cleanser. Melts ALL my makeup off!
  7. Olive Oil. Breaks down the foundation no sweat. Then I just follow up with my regular face cleanser.
  8. The MAC cleanse off oil is WONDERFUL. My clarisonic brush looks as good as new after I use it now. I still have my sample jar but I will be purchasing the full bottle sometime this week. :yahoo:
  9. I also have the same problem! It was like a day or so after getting my Clarisonic that it was already dirty looking. My Mom even commented about it one day, asking if I ever wash it :nogood:

    The only thing I have figured out is to do a "pre-wash" with cleanser towelettes, then use the Clarisonic afterwards. But I feel like I'm washing twice.
  10. I 2nd the Olive Oil... make sure it's Extra Virgin. This breaks down makeup and washes off easy. Bonus Points: leaves your skin super soft.
  11. I have just started using Ponds in the blue top container...WOW, do I love it!!!...My face is always clean and my skin feels wonderful...who'd have thunk it...CHEAP, too