For those of you with multiple you use them all?

  1. I currently use my palm treo (with agendus program) and a small agenda. I am mostly using my agenda now, because I got really sick of syncing to my computer so I end up typing directly on my palm which got me annoyed. Anyhow, I want a bigger agenda
    , but I don't want to get rid of my small (coach 3x5 small agenda).

    I saw that a lot of you had many agendas! Do you use them all? I know some people have a desk agenda and a portable one, but isn't it a pain to copy appointments over?

    I think I'll go nuts if I try to use 2 agendas plus my palm agendus software. :push:
  2. Like you i'm using the treo.
    I was using the small ring agenda for the last 4 yrs and now have decided to go with the palm. I've been using the palm for the last 2 -3 months I guess and things going ok.

    but, On that note I do miss the scribbling in the agenda. I have thought about buying a med. sized one for my desk and just use it for a writing book then anything.
  3. if your going to use both I don't see why not but i don't get the whole multiple agenda thing... I use my sidekick as a second thing for addresses and appointment alarms but its not like having 2 agendas... I guess I could see a desk one for work and a personal one for your own things?
  4. See --- this is why I don't have an LV agenda yet as I already have a non-LV agenda (a huge one at that) that I use at home. I would love to get an agenda, but fear that I wouldn't use it at all since I don't want to have to write down things twice to justify having an LV agenda. LOL

  5. I know! lol I want an LV agenda, but I'm afraid I won't use my other ones or that I would write some things in one, and some in another, and be totally disorganized, lol!
  6. I have two Vernis Small Ring Agendas and use them both.

    Red: Year calendar, 2 pgs/week, notepad, finances
    Indigo: Addresses/contact info, notepad, reference material, business cards.

  7. ooh that's a good idea how you split them into two.

    I only have one right now and that has my monthly, weekly, and notes (reference, finances etc), and business cards. I guess I"m not TOO busy yet where I will need two, but I can see that happening. I love my LV agenda though. sometimes i just take it out to lookat it. lol.