For those of you with light colored do you maintain them?

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  1. For SLG's, I typically try to purchase darker colors. My current wallet is blue sapphire epsom and it wears like iron! However, I made an impulse purchase over the weekend (yikes) as I fell in love with a blue atoll silkin in epsom. The wallet just sang to me and I had to have it. However, now I'm having second thoughts as I'm pretty rough with my stuff so I can see this wallet getting filthy.

    So, for those of you with light colored wallets, what have you done to maintain the color? Do you regret your decision? Do you baby your wallets or do you go full force? Hoping I didn't make a mistake. Thanks in advance for your help.
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  2. I got the Rose Azalea Silk n wallet a couple months ago, It's not as light as blue atoll but still light enough that you would be able to see any flaws. I don't baby my wallets but so far it's holding up great. I find epsom easy to wipe and make sure my hands aren't dirty when I touch the bag or nothing inside my bag that would dirty my wallet. Blue Atoll is a lovely color :smile:
  3. Thank you for your response. Hopefully, it won't get dirty too quickly. I'm trying to think what I do on a daily basis that I need to stop. I could see myself touching it often with dirty hands (sometimes I read the paper so ink transfer could be a problem). I will have to be extra careful when handling.
  4. I totally understand your dilemma. I love blue atoll (the Rose tyrien silk inside is AMAZING!) too but hesitated not because of the leather but I was concerned about getting the fabric around the zipper dirty. I currently have a bougainvillea silkin and the leather is still pristine but the material around the zipper has faded and is a bit dirty.
  5. I have a lipstick pink bearn wallet and a gold kelly wallet.
    I honestly never had any issue with color transfer or big stains but I am pretty careful with them.

    I've had my gold kelly wallet for about 7 years and its still in very good shape.
  6. I didn't even think about the material around the zipper - yikes! Oh well, I couldn't resist the beautiful blue atoll/rose tyrian combo. Hopefully I won't regret it.
  7. i keep a ziplock bag of a leather wipe in the h bag i have out with me
    that way i can wipe down anything should i need to immediately
    but espom holds so well that it really shouldnt be a problem
    and blue atol is just so divine

  8. Thanks OP for asking this question

    I love so many light colors of H bags & wallets! But since my craie got color transfer I'm constantly worried


    Do you mind sharing the kind of leather wipes you carry?
  9. I bought a Dogon long wallet in craie Togo some weeks ago and do not baby it at all.
    It looks like new!
    I think the leather is so superbe ... there is no need to worry!
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  10. its actually in russian - i grab a pack when i was in russia
    its from the auto session of the supermarket and has the leather interior picture on it
    i am not sure if its the best - but its sufficient for my sanity
  11. Great idea!! I have Lexol PH wipes, I can probably keep a few in a ziplock for emergency purposes. I wanted something in BA - my heart just skipped when I saw the wallet.

    Whew! This is great news. It gives me hope that my new wallet won't get trashed on the first day!

    I have a kelly in gris T and I'm so afraid of color transfer that I have yet to really use it except for the occasional night out. The wipes are a great idea - I know that docride has recommended Lexol PH wipes in the past so I may start carrying those around. I may have to bit the bullet and carry both my light colored bag and new wallet along with the wipes to break them in.
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  12. it is indeeed a color that lift spirits
  13. @jyyanks Great question.. We treasure our H goodies, and just cringe when something spills on them. Nordstroms sells Cadillac purse wipes. They are packaged in a quite small container, and the wipes are small enough to put two or three into in a snack sized ziploc, to have "just in case"
  14. I’m carrying different colours with different bags. Recently I got a light coloured (salmon) dogon cardcase in swift for non creditcards ( cards with smoothie, coffeystamps etc) that I worry a bit about using all the time.

    The baginserts help a bit but trying to find the lexol wipes that are supposed to be leather friendly, just in case it starts to look dirty. Light coloured chevre and epsom slgs would make me worry less. Fortunately it’s a small slg. For my ostrich agendas I use a linen H pouch for protection, but with a wallet it might be too much of a hassle.

    Your bleu atoll silkin must be gorgeous
  15. Reviving this as would love to know how light coloured wallets fare after after regular use.