For those of you with Epi Lilac ...

  1. What color clothes do you wear it with? I am wanting to find a Lilac Epi but are afraid I would never have anything to wear it with!
  2. I don't have one myself even though I want one real bad. One of the reasons I haven't jumped to get one is because I'm not sure how it would go with my wardrobe...

    BUT, I can definitely see it being worn with black, white or gray!
  3. I think it qould great wiith black, white, light colours, and even greys. Also with a fun colourful out fit that has lots of patterns.

    Like a missoni or pucci sun dress with a epi lilac jamine. That'd be TDF.
  4. I think any shade of purple in your outfit could go with it. It'd look cool to have two different shades of purple.
  5. i think lilac goes with everything. it's really a neutral.
  6. the lilac is indeed a neutral, it's purpleish with gray undertones. i think it goes great with grays, browns, pinks, even some greens. oh gosh, it goes with everything!!! :nuts: :balloon: you can tell i love my lilac huh :p
  7. It looks good with light grey and light blue colors. I usually wear it with white jeans or just regular denim. I have the epi croisette pm in lilac and it pretty much match everything I wear. I really love the lilac color. Also, the epi lilac matches really good with the azur line. Congrats in advance! Here's a picture.
  8. you're right, it looks perfect with azur!
  9. I don't have an epi lilac, but I think it goes pretty well with neutral colors and shades of purple.
  10. black, and /or khaki
  11. I mostly wear black with my lilac Speedy.
  12. I've worn it with white, black, mauve, baby pink, and teal. All looked great!
  13. :yes:
    I always love Lilac & Vanilla colors, what Lilac you'll buy?