For those of you with Day bags

  1. Socal has made me drool over her new grenat day! I only own one hobo style bag (not bal) and I don't really carry it that much because I have such a hard time (i) opening it and (ii) finding anything in it. Does this also happen with the day style, or is it relatively easy to get into and find stuff? I also think the grenat would look nice in the twiggy. Has anyone seen a grenat twiggy yet?
  2. when i took my day hobo to my parents' house, my mom took one look at it and said that it was a black hole of death - meaning, since it's so long and lined in black, you more or less need a flashlight to find anything in it. she's basically right, but since i change bags so much, all i really have in the big part is a wallet, keys, and a few sunglasses cases, then my cell and mini purfume bottle in the small part, so it doesn't bother me.

    if getting in and out of a hobo and finding things in it has made you not want to use a hobo before, the day might not be for you, sadly :-/
  3. My experiences are similar. For daily use, I transfer a few items to a hobo and generally do not mind "fishing" a bit... For travels, I add a camera, magazine, etc...but again, I don't find searching for items to be an issue. If "digging" is a pet peeve, you may prefer a twiggy...I love those as well.
  4. Oh...BTW...NM will also carry the "purse" style in grenat (they called it bordeaux or wine)... The purse can also be used as a shoulder bag but it is similar to the first in "look"...
  5. I agree if fishing for stuff is a pet peeve then I wouldn't recomend the day for you. I love my day because it's so easy to carry and sling over my shoulder that I barely notice it's there.
  6. I've barely used my day, but that's not because I don't like it. I don't mind fishing. It doesn't matter. But if you are going to enjoy that, do what the other ladies said and check out another type of bag.
  7. Hi there,
    I love the day because I can fit everything in it but if you do carry everything individually, it could be a pain. I switch handbags often so I consolidate my stuff into different smaller packages-- a wallet, makeup bag (and put all the little things that you would usually fish for in there--lipstick, tissues, tiny bottle of ibuprofen, tampons (too much info!!), sunglass case, and one other little satin bag that contains coupons, receipts, etc. I always carry my cell in the outside pockets of my bags. This minimizes the digging for me and makes it very easy to switch bags
  8. I LOVE my Day bags! Yes, I sometimes have to fish for things but it doesn't really bother me. I normally carry big bags so I'm used to it. All the great things about this bag definitely outweigh the negative!
  9. macp6: What a great idea you have to carry smaller bags inside your large bag -- I never thought of that!!

    It sounds like I should consider a different style than the day bag though, because I do think digging around in that 'black hole of death' (as Amanda's mother calls it) might be a little frustrating to me.

    Socal: I don't think I've really even seen the Purse. but I'll check it out. I guess I was wrong, but I didn't think the Purse could be used as a shoulder bag - I thought the straps were too small. That's good to know.

    Thanks all!
  10. NM San Diego had a truffe (they call it brown) purse in stock yesterday. To my best recollection, they did not have the grenat (they call it bordeaux/wine) in stock at the store, but the SA could "see" it in the computer. The day/hobo has a longer shoulder drop, but I could wear the purse on my shoulder (no jacket). The purse is a somewhat "flat" in profile. I prefer the day/hobo for a shoulder bag, but the purse may be another option.
  11. I love my day - its incredibly comfy to carry. And although I do have to take it off in order to get in it, I find it easier to do than with my city because it only has one zipper. I love the the outside and inside pockets are so big too - I can actually put stuff in the inside pocket now. :yahoo: But it is a big black hole in there - I can fit the thing over my head. So its big. But I like that.
  12. The shopping tote is large (OK, it's massive) but the thing I love about it is that you can really open it up to see what's inside without taking it off your shoulder.

    I do love the day though have never owned one (for more than 1 week) - am planning one shortly!
  13. i agree, i love my day bags (especially when my kids were younger and i was carrying around multiple diapers, clothing changes, etc), and as english girl mentioned the pockets helped keep me organized...i think it's a great style for travel or long days out but i also love my twiggys and if you don't need to lug around a lot it might be a better choice for the ease of access issue...ha ha, did that help at all?
  14. I saw a grenat Twiggy at Nordstrom in Sacramento and it was really nice--not too veiny and the color was great.