For those of you with bagless vacuum cleaners: how often to clean HEPA filter??

  1. Hi ladies,

    I just got done vacuuming my house, and as I was starting I noticed that it didn't have very much suction. I opened up the vacuum (bagless) to see if there was anything blocking the suction, and the HEPA filter was full. Full meaning: all the little slots were filled with dust & dirt. We just got this vacuum and haven't used it that much, but I'm wondering how often I should clean the HEPA filter? Is it normal that it gets clogged that quickly?? ...or do we just have a dusty house?

    Help? Thanks!
  2. i sell appliances and vaccuums, and usually we recommend that customers clean or replace their filters every 6-9 months, or as often as need be depending on vaccuuming habits. if you didn't have a vaccuum for a while before you got this one, then you may be picking up a lot of risidual dirt and your first filter change may be coming more quickly as a result.

    if you're losing suction, then in probably IS the filter that's at fault - since all the air that the vaccuum sucks in has to go through the filter, if it's clogged, the vaccuum will lose suction power. try cleaning the filter, it should solve the problem. if it doesn't, you may have a clog somewhere.
  3. We did have a vacuum before we got this one, but it conked out after a certain someone (ie. Hubby) decided to drink water while vacuuming, trip, and it basically fried. Didn't smell too good either :wacko:

    I did clean out the little slots before trying again, and it did work and all of the suction power was back. When I was done, I cleaned out all the slots with a tooth pick and washed it out in hot water. I will have to check next time I vacuum to see how fast it gets clogged.

    We have hardwood floors (except for a runner in the hallway), if that makes any difference :smile:

    Thank you!
  4. I thought Hepa filters had to be changed, not cleaned.

    I've never cleaned mine but have changed it and they are kinda pricey. If you are able to clean them and do not have to replace them, how do you clean them?
  5. Our HEPA says "Washable" on it :shrugs:

    I just kinda shook it until a whole bunch of dust and dirt came out (in a plastic bag) and then took a toothpick to it and gently scraped out all of the gunk still stuck in the little slots. Then I ran it under hot water until the water became clean again. Now I'm waiting for it to dry so I can put the vacuum back together :smile:
  6. When I bought my vacuum they told me to change it every 6 months. I didn't know they could be cleaned though. Maybe I should try that.