For Those of You With a Mini Mini...

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  1. Do you find that when you carry it cross-body and shoulder style (especially when you have the shoulder strap shortened) the handles do not get in the way? That is the only reason I have never really given this bag much thought. But the more and more pictures I see.....*sigh*

    What do you do with the handles? Do you just let them hang naturally? Does the bag rest comfortable against your body when you do that? Or do you move the handles away from your body?

    TIA! :flowers:
  2. I have to say the handles are weird in that they don't hang out of the way and they make the top of the bag sag. I don't wear it crossbody, but I do double up the straps or carry it hand-held with the tripled up strap tucked underneath. I flop the handles to the side (away from the body) if I'm wearing it on the shoulder and the bag sits fine.
  3. I don't have any problems with the handles. They are not awkward in any way. I know what you are talking about though because I have other bags that have handles that get in the way when wearing a strap but the mini mini I have wears beautifully so far :tup:
  4. I haven't had any problems with my mini mini and the handles don't get in the way when I wear my wine crossbody. I either put the handles kind of together or just have them off to the side which still looks fine. My mini mini doesn't really sag so no issues here.
  5. I just move the handles to the side of the bag, and they stay flat. You don't even notice the handles.
  6. I've had no problems with the handles on my mini mini. I just face the handles away from my body. It's pretty comfortable when I loop the strap twice to wear it as a shoulder bag too.
  7. I wear my mini mini cross body. The handles don't bother me. I either let one fall to the outside or let it hang inside. That probably makes no sense!
  8. That's good to know, but bad for my wallet. :biggrin: Thanks as always!
  9. ^^ Oooo.....what color are you thinking??

    I have never had a problem with my Mini Mini's handles. Like the other ladies said, I just move mine to the side away from my body. They lay flat on top of the bag, but it's not hassle getting things out.
  10. ^^ I was thinking Almond but I always seem to pick colors that aren't available anymore, lol. I emailed Codi but they don't have any either.

    I really shouldn't be getting anything so if I do get one I'd want a neutral color to go with everything.... so I was thinking black. But I have a Noir MAC. I dunno..

    Any suggestions? :shrugs:
  11. wut about brown bear?
  12. I'm not really into brown (or blue). I like /cognac/tans/light browns....but not brown-browns. (Hope that made sense, lol)
  13. honestly. I bought a coach sabrina that has the shoulder/crossbody strap and I HATED it. I thought I'd feel the same way about Rm's mini minis. But I ABSOLUTELY LOVE LOVE LOVE the mini mini!!! The handles don't bother me at all. The only thing that I can think of that bothers me is when I wear it crossbody or on my shoulder it pulls up on the flaps(or wings) of the bag. I worry this will pull and wear the leather. Probably not though. I think it's me just being over protective of my bags;)

    I highly recommend the mini mini though. And surprisingly enough, they carry loads of stuff!!!:P

    Why not try a wine mini mini?? Sorry for the long post but I can't rave enough about this bag!
  14. Maybe you could get the bag in Latte?
  15. Ya know....maybe it's just cause I've never seen it in person but I'm just not really into Latte. As for Wine I've considered it but I had a Wine Nikki once and never wore it because I felt it was just too bold. I think Wine is beautiful but I just don't know that it is for me?