For those of you with a Michele watch with diamonds...

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  1. Are the diamonds fairly sparkly? I haven't looked at these yet IRL, and the diamonds look pretty small. Don't get me wrong, I don't want traffic stopping bling or anything, but if the diamonds are there, I'd like them to sparkle! I am wanting a new watch and these have caught my eye. I also like the Philip Stein watches, but can't find any for women that show a date. I really prefer a watch that shows the date! Thank you!
  2. I have the MW2 watch; it is very sparkly! The diamonds are small, but very well cut.
    You can definitely tell it's diamond sparkle and not metal shine.
  3. I have a CSX diamond and a black ceramic diamond and they both sparkle and are just gorgeous. My CSX is 4 years old and still looks fabulous and gets tons of compliments. GL finding your perfect watch!!
  4. I had Michelle Deco with diamond dial, and the diamonds are not really sparkly because they are fairly small. A fellow tPFer recommended Renato watches to me, I just received mine today, and I am totally stunned! Diamonds are awesome, price is terrific and the design is out of this world! Here is the one I got:

    And here is the rest of their watches on sale:

    The prices are a true steal for the quality and quantity of diamonds!
  5. This is going to sound odd but I have both the square and round face. The round is so much more sparkly than the rectangular because the diamonds are more 'front on.' I have had mine for probably 5 years and I love them... they are sparkly but not all that bright anymore.
  6. I have a deco diamond and as long as you keep the watch clean, I wipe the stones and band with an alcohol wipe every once and awhile, they shine beautifully!
  7. this is a great question OP, i am really wanting a deco with diamonds
  8. i dunno whether or not i would call the diamonds sparkly...while they have some sparkle, def nowhere near close to blingy. the diamonds really are quite small, but do add that certain something to the watch when compared to one without...guess it would be a matter of personal opinion in person!
  9. I have a gold mini urban with diamonds and it is very sparkly!!! highly recommend it!
  10. I have a CSX with diamonds, and I would say it isn't sparkly. You must see the watches in person, and make a decision yourself.
  11. I have one with diamonds - they are pretty sparkly - but very tiny. To tell you the truth, I have an Ebel Beluga - much larger diamonds - this one REALLY sparkles!

    [​IMG] This is the Michele I have. [​IMG] Ebel Beluga
  12. I have a white ceramic deco and yes, the diamonds are small, but mine are REALLY sparkly. :shrugs:
  13. I ordered a Michele watch with a diamond bezel and was very disappointed at the size of the diamonds. I expected them to be small, but they were beyond small and set very far apart. They also weren't very sparkly. I returned the watch. This is something you probably should check out in person before purchasing.
  14. I just got the Deco Baguette and the diamonds are very sparkly! That was really important to me in getting a new watch so I'm very happy with it!