For those of you who've ordered from BALny-please help!!!

  1. I have been trying to get a straight answer for a few days now, and I cannot get one, but I know they are SUPER busy. So I knew who to ask!!!

    1. Anyhow, when those of you from out of state have ordered, is tax charged, and how much is shipping typically?

    2. Also if a SA tells me "The First is also coming in that color, and the waiting list is not too bad, there are three left." Does that mean there are three bags left to be pre-ordered, or three spots left on the wait list, or is that one in the same, and do they charge the whole price of the bag to your card now?

    3. Also, are prices going up again for the fall bags?

    Thanks for helping a fool out!!!:shrugs:
  2. They charge tax to NY and a lower % to NJ as well since they have a leather repair shop there. As for the rest maybe someone else can answer that
  3. No tax out of state.
    $10 shipping
    Spots left on waiting lists = number of bags they are getting in. So get on the list if you want the bag from BalNY
    Don't know about prices, sorry.
  4. Thank you so much, greenie and z&j!
  5. I think the only bags with prices increases were the Work and the Weekender, and that started a month or so ago, I think. :yes: But correct me if I'm wrong!
  6. i think my shipping was $20 from there.
  7. I really appreciate your responses, thank you so much!
  8. From my experiences, ordering out of state, there is no tax. Shipping to Northern CA is $15 and takes 7 days(5 business days). As for the waiting lists, when the SA says the list is not bad and there are 3 left, I take that to mean that there are 3 spots left to guarantee getting a bag from that shipment(meaning there are 3 unclaimed/not preordered bags in that particular color/style left). As for the Fall price increase, I believe all bags/style increased in price except for the First and City styles.
  9. Thanks pupster, that makes alot of sense...
  10. I always overnight which is 40 or 45 dollars. No tax out of state.
  11. i think the box is going up by $10.
  12. The city size definitely went up here in Europe by €45 - so now it's €945.
  13. It went to $995 from $985