For those of you who've fell off the wagon - confession time!!

  1. I thought I'd start this thread because I need to confess and get it off my chest and then be done with it.

    2 days ago I did my goal run of 3k. While the seasoned runners may not consider this a great leap, I've never been a good runner and taking it up with a bum knee and other problems has been my own personal struggle. So 3k was my goal set a long time ago when I first started to run.

    I did it!! :yahoo:

    But now I'm off the wagon. Being sore from the distance I've never done and laying around I've gotten off my health wagon and had a greasy breakfast, cupcake and pie in the last 2 days. :tdown: Bad me!! But it's off my shoulders and I'm letting it go and I'll run tomorrow! it's your turn to get it off your shoulders and move on ladies :biggrin:
  2. the other day i bought subway for lunch loaded with mayo, fatty meats and high carb bread but i couldnt resist, then today at work i had 2 chocolate bars. ill try again tomorrow... haha
  3. OMG I have been eating terribly off and on for the last three weeks :push:

    I was on vacation for two weeks over the holidays, then back to work this week, only stuck in meetings with no chance to work out and forced to eat meals as a group. Ack.

    I am getting back on the wagon today!! :wlae:
  4. i had french fries the other day :sad:

  5. You and me both! I'm rooting for you :woohoo::boxing:

    Go ladies! Me and the treadmill have a date now :biggrin:
  6. Yeah, thank god I didn't make the usual resolution to eat healthy - it would already have failed! Maybe I'll aim for February 1st, lol? Funny thing though I started right before Halloween to quit candy, etc. and made it until Christmas night where I just ate everything! Why do I do that?
  7. I can't figure out why I do this, but in the middle of the night, I end up binging on chips and dip! I get so angry with myself, but my willpower is totally gone. It's such a massive craving it's not even funny. :sad: I did this 3x already. I think I'm just going to throw both of them out.
  8. in terms of fitness/health, i'm probably the queen of "falling off the wagon" (and staying off it for a long time!) :sad: Here's my story:

    Basically, starting in 2000 I got serious about fitness and would visit a gym regularly (3x a week). Then in 2003, I got *seriously* into long-distance running (I wasn't good at it by any means, but I enjoyed it and would go for runs everyother day). I ran my first 1/2 marathon (13.1 miles) in 2003, and with that I started getting motivated to run a full marathon. I did do one eventually, in April 2005 when I ran the Boston Marathon (in case anyone's interested, my time was 5:06, bad but i finished it! :p). I did it with Team & Training to raise $$ for leukemia research. I managed to raise $4,000 for the cause (woo!) and complete my training with almost no problems.

    After the marathon, i still did keep up the running somewhat, but then i stopped running once I moved to Japan for the summer. Even though there I didn't exericse much at gyms, I did walk A LOT (everyone uses public transportation or bikes there), so I stayed somewhat in shape. I even climbed to the top of Mount Fuji (in one night!). Geez, even thinking about it now i'm amazed that I could do that! Now I get winded from climbing ONE flight of stairs, for pete's sake :sad:

    I guess what happened was that a bit after that (December 2005), I started getting pains in my ankle/knees, and I quit running for the most part. Then I got caught up/busywith my thesis work (i was still in grad school at the time), and planning my wedding (got engaged March 2006) and so I never managed to get back to regular workouts/running schedules. In May 2007 I finally defended my thesis and graduated (woo) but shortly after that I got caught up in our cross-country move. Then of course it took a while to adjust to life here in LA (where, unlike Boston, NO ONE walks apparently, everything you have to drive to) and a new job as well. And then of course there was our wedding preparation, which was hard to do as our wedding was in out-of-state (in DH's home town). Finally our wedding (in October 2007) was over, and we told ourselves that we REALLY needed to start working out again (DH was often my running partner, he has also ran a marathon himself). But no...we never got back on the wagon, always made excuses that we were too tired, too busy, etc. Well months went by, and to be quite honest, I haven't gone for a run or done a serious gym workout in TWO YEARS. OMG!! If you had told me that 5 years ago, I would have FLIPPED...I couldn't go two WEEKS w/o workout back then.

    anyways it is really quite sad, actually, as now I get almost NO exercise at all (except for walking while shopping at the various malls here, LOL). It hasn't affected my weight much (i still weigh 130 lbs), but the lack of exercise does affect my stress level A LOT. For me, running was such a good stress reliever. So I KNOW that it's all good for me, but it's just so HARD to get back on the wagon! It's quite discouraging when you can't even run ONE mile when you used to be able to run 26. ARGGH.

    sorry for the long post! i just saw "falling off the wagon-confession time" and i thought "if ANYONE's fallen off the wagon, it's me!!" LOL
  9. yeah, it helps to just throw it all out, and then not buy it in the first place. I don't have this problem (i've never been really into snack food, in general) but my DH does. So we basically can't have any snack foods (like cookies/chips) in the house otherwise it would be gone in two seconds, lol. I try to help by keeping things like apples, carrot sticks, sugar free popsicles in the house to satisfy any cravings.
  10. I'm drinking soda right now. =(
  11. Ladies!! there is no such thing as falling off a food wagon. all things are okay in moderation!

    on that note ive had 2 brownies today.....
  12. I have been doing the Fat Smash diet.. Got through Phase I fine. Now in phase to I am struggling. We stopped to eat for dier today and I got dessert too :sad: I'll start over again in the morning!!!
  13. petite madelines from costco...those things are 100% butter, i found out too late :crybaby:
    -i had 5...
  14. I've got to congratulate you, girl, for reaching your goal of 3 that is my goal right now and I'm nowhere near it (but at least I run more than I walk it...)

    I fell off the exercise wagon something spectacularly 2 months before Christmas, had an op on my leg and was supposed to wait 2-3 weeks before putting too much pressure on there was the excuse and I kept that going week after week...

    Finally got my act together last week, felt like a ninety year old after my first day in the gym, could barely move, what a sight, LOL

    Feel better this week and put a big G (for gym) on the calender when I get back, just for a bit of motivation..

    So mewlicious, you'll get there again, take it slowly, don't be too hard on yourself, get there bit by bit, you did it before, you'll do it again!

    As for that marathon running, sweetneet, I take my hat off, could never do it in a million years!
  15. LOL Well I wanted to reach that goal before I turned 30... I was 28 at the time ;) :sweatdrop:
    Good luck on running! I always kept making the mistake of pushing myself too hard and injuring myself, what a dunce I was :nuts:

    Good luck!! I went to the gym today and did another 3k. Thankfully once you hit there, it's not so evil to do often :biggrin: So keep at it!!