For those of you who's had braces...& now retainers..

  1. I've gotten my braces off about 5 1/2 years ago and i just recently LOST MY RETAINERS!!! YIKES! how many of you still wear your retainers / lost them? Well...i already haven't worn them for about 2 weeks and it will take another week to make a new one (plus like $500 =( and already my teeth are getting crooked.. does anyone know any substitutions for a retainer (i lost my clear temporary retainers years ago) and i dont know what to do!! i have an appointment today to mold my teeth for my retainers but it will still take 1 more week! i'm freaking out as i dont know if my teeth will still stay straight by then..i know i've had them off for 5 1/2 years and still wear them once a week but i'm scared the new retainers won't straighten my teeth perfectly! any stories out there?
  2. wow...i stopped wearing my retainers thee years after my braces came off (full time for the first year, every night for the second, and sporatically for the third). i kept loosing them (i've had at LEAST 5 sets and after the first replacement at 17 i've paid 500 dollars for each) eventually it just got too expensive to keep replacing them. the only reason my teeth are a teensy bit crooked now is i haven't gotten my wisdom teeth pulled like i should.

    good luck though. i'm sure it will be fine.
  3. wow! your lucky your teeth didn't move back to how it was originally! OMG you lost it 5 times!!?? YIKES! that must have been a pain! anywho, my two side teeth used to be twisted (like diagonal) i think thats why even w/out my retainers they are still trying to move back to its orignal form..
  4. Honestly, I don't think 2 weeks of no retainer will do that much damage. I wore my retainer every night for 3 years, sporadically during the 4th year and after the 5th year, I no longer wore it. My teeth are still perfectly straight. But since you have diagnol teeth, your case could be different.
  5. I have had my braces off for 10 years. I still have a retainer for the top and it still fits. I wear it maybe, once a month for a few hours. My teeth really have not shifted. I am thinking of getting it adjusted when I go to the dentist. It is hurting b/c the wiring is exposed.

    I have a permanent retainer on the bottom which I hate! The stuff over the wire has worn off and is poking my tongue and gums!

    You'll be find w/ your wait time. I would not worry too much.
  6. your teeth are already moving?
    I wonder if sometimes they take the braces off too soon?

    I had braces for almost 2 years but it was almost 20 yrs ago. I wore my retainer on/off for a while and have only pooped it in maybe a dozen times/year for the last 15 yrs and my teeth haven't budged.

    It freaks me out you think yours are moving already after having them off more thna 5 yeras and having worn your retainer all that time!
  7. ^^I have a permanent bottom one as well, mine is in the same condition now as it was when I got it.
    It would drive me batty if it weren't perfectly smooth!
    My Sis had hers removed finally recently.
  8. It is really annoying! At one point, it left a small hole on the side of my tongue that really hurt. I need to go to the dentist anyway and that should be something they can do w/o going to an orthodontist.

    I'd like mine removed but all the dentists I have went to in the past have told me not to do it. I've always wondered what happens when you get older and your teeth fall out and you have the permanent retainer...
  9. I never knew some people had to wear retainers for so long. I had braces when I was 11 for about 2 years and I only wore my retainers for about 6 months after and my teeth are still perfectly straight.
  10. *SIGH* well i did go to an orthadontist today...and she quoted me $350 for top and bottom regular retainers, and when she looked at my teeth she said "OMG They have moved so much..these must have take 6 months for it to move this much" And well she said ordinary retainers would only hold my teeth in the place they are now, so i had to order "spring retainers" for her to tweek the wires for my teeth to move back straight (and let me tell you, my teeth are just a tad bit turning but not so much that i htought i would need a diff. kind of retainer)..anyway they ended up being $500 and i'm pretty bummed out..also for every visit, i have to pay $50 for her to adjust it..! unbelievable but i used up all of my $1500 orthodontic insurance when i had braces so i have no more $$ left for them to pay for this treatment...anyway, i'm pretty bummed out..actually REALLY REALLY bummed out.. =( but yeah i guess my teeth have been moving after so long of having my braces out and still wearing my retainers...
  11. I had braces as a teenager and wore my retainers sporadically, they'd feel tight at first but then they'd fit. Now I can't wear them anymore, I guess my teeth have shifted too much. They still look the same but the retainer doesn't lie!
  12. From my own painful experience of wearing braces for 28 months at the age of 35 and then not wearing the retainer........if I had to do it again, I would wear my retainer faithfully.
  13. I rarely wear mine, but my teeth have not shifted much either. I have ALL of my teeth including wisdom.:greengrin:. since I had some dental work done last year, I will need to get my retainers refitted.

    BTW, I had braces for 4 years (4th grade to 8th).

    It depends on the person how much they shift.

    I used to have a permanent bottom on, but it would keep popping. It irritated me, and it made me feel like I still had braces on. I prefer the clean feel.
  14. :roflmfao: Just had to point this out:roflmfao:

    Personally, i lost my retainers not long after getting my braces off and my teeth didnt shift MUCH. they did shift a little in the beginning of course. but now my bottom row is crooked bc of stupid wisdom teeth....
  15. I had braces when I was in 9th/10th grade (age 14/15) and got them off in 10th grade. I wore my retainers on and off till college, but not religiously, they gave me awful headaches. I stopped wearing them in college. My teeth didn't move much until I was 20, when I got my wisdom teeth out. Then they moved a little, but haven't since then. I'm 29 now. I have a small wire glued in that holds my front teeth together. It was supposed to fall out years ago, but I'm glad it hasn't because I'm terrified that the gap in my front teeth will come back, since the one space that did come back is on the other side of my front teeth.