For those of you who work in an Office? Coach items

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  1. Do you use any Coach items in your office? If you do can you post pictures. I am going to be interviewing again soon, and wondering if my Coach notepad will be to much to take notes during and interview.

  2. Sorry I don't have any photos, but a coworker of mine has the Legacy stripped planner she uses at work and no one considers that unprofessional. I have a plain black one no one could identify as Coach. I don't see anything wrong with a Coach notepad.
  3. LOL the only other person in my office who wears "COACH" bought hers in NYC in Chinatown. YUCK.
  4. I'm not sure if I would bring a coach notepad to a job interview. You never know who you are interviewing with and you don't want to bring anything that will make you stick out (designer items)..Just my opinion!
  5. Designer items like a notebook (or other small item form) show you have class and taste, and more importantly: attention to detail, which is often something appreciated at jobs. I see nothing wrong with bringing your Coach planner to the interview - I know many people that have bonded with new coworkers/bosses over things like that. You just never know who you will be meeting, that's all I have to say about that.
  6. If it's plain leather, most probably won't know it's Coach.

  7. I agree with ya Candace, especially about not knowing who will be at the meeting. Good luck to the OP!
  8. I work in a casual office and everyone makes fun of all my Coach. I do use my planner alot but that is it. It all depends on where you are going.
  9. lol i always set my coach purse on my desk and my boss threw a beach ball at my desk at hit my purse. he was so scared that i was gonna get mad at him that he went and hid in his office haha. i dont think it matters at all.
  10. It's funny because I just went to a job interview (been a sahm for 11 years) and only have my Carly.. so I took it... when I met with the man first thing he said is "nice coach bag!" :roflmfao: I told him he was a man I liked and he said his wife has nice taste and he knows a nice Coach bag when he sees one.. it was fun and broke the ice! :tup:

  11. LOL...see? My point exactly! You never know!!!! :biggrin:
    My boss is a lifelong aviator and more into boats and fishing and such, but one day he told me he keeps his wife in Louis Vuitton...then one day he came to work and said he went to Coach and bought her something after looking at all my nice bags!

    So it can be a benefit and a way to bond with people without knowing it! LOL!!!!!!

    The way I see it, it definitely cannot harm you unless your boss is someone that abhors materialism...
  12. I say poop on all them!!! Use your Coach with pride! They obviously don't have good taste ;)

  13. I totally agree...I think it's fine. DH always comments on his students that wear Coach and other designer brands that I wear because he's used to seeing all my things and knows his stuff pretty well. His students are always impressed that he's familiar with the brands, and sometimes it really does help break the ice!
  14. I read somewhere that it is rude/ unprofessional to take notes during an interview. You want to have the attention of the interviewer as they interview you. There are etiquettes on note taking during an interview and I strongly advise to read up on them.

    As for bring a Coach pad, I would skip it. It's an interview of your skills and personality not what luxury stationery you have. Use it for when you get the job.

    Good Luck.