For Those Of You Who Wanted To See MC Belt Worn With Saleya

  1. Hi all,
    I get a lot of questions about my black MC belt and how well it looks with other lines. Well as I have to wear black at the moment, I've been using my MC belt alot. I normally wear it with my top covering it but today I decided to show it off. This is how it looks with the Saleya...and I have thrown in pics of it with the Alma as well as I couldn't decide which bag to carry this morning. make up...and pardon my Scooby Doo plaster on my thumb :P
    DSC02148.JPG DSC02149.JPG DSC02153.JPG DSC02155.JPG
  2. look HOT !!! So nice !!!

  3. You are adorable!
  4. looks great!!
  5. You look great! Thanks for sharing.
  6. WOW! :nuts: You look awesome! Now I won't feel weird about buying an LV belt and wondering if I have to match it to my bag. Thanks for posting your pics! :flowers:
  7. MMMMMMMMMM I love that belt... and I LOVE that bag now lol I used to not like it...

    you changed my mind! ;)
  8. What a great outfit!! Thanks for the wonderful pictures!
  9. guys are too much...I should post my pic more often man...LOL...I don't even have makeup on and my eyes are still red from barely being awake hahahahaha....I am seriously not a morning person.

    Addictedtolv: I don't match my bags to my shoes or belt. I just make sure they don't "clash" but I don't do the matchy matchy bet.
    The most I've ever done is wear my Mono belt with my Mono bags.
    I have Damier open toe pumps and I have yet to wear them with the Saleya ;)

    Mattd7474: I am glad I've changed your mind ;)
    The Saleya is an amazin bag and I have yet to find and outfit it doesn't look good with.
  10. It looks great, and you are simply stunning!! Thanks for sharing!:flowers:
  11. u look great...
    i love ur dimple :P
  12. It looks great with either bag!
  13. the bags look great...the belt looks great...and you look fab! Love your dimples :smile:
  14. They look great together! Gorgeous.
  15. are you janet jackson?? =) you are gorgeous! the outfit looks great!