For those of you who wanted modeling pics of my Antigua MM!

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  1. Here they are!

    Heres me wearing her and Speedy at the same time! Does it look dumb like I'm carrying 2 purses? I wanted to know if I could pull this off when traveling or something. :p

    Sorry for the blurriness! :push:

    And heres the side view:

    My Speedy looks so patinated in this picture! :wtf: And she's just under a year old!
  2. no, doesn't look dumb.

    great pics! :tup:
  3. As long as you're travelling... You'll be able to carry both bags or work even. I think your Speedy looks stunning with the honey tan patina.
  4. not dumg at all I often carry to bags at the same time one.
  5. Looks good.
  6. Looks great.
  7. Thanks!
  8. Your Antigua Looks so cute!
  9. They both look great on you. :tup: I would carry both if I were travelling, I often see people with multiple bags so go for it.
  10. They look great and no that wouldn't look dumb.
  11. Looks great! Love the color of the Antigua!
  12. Nice modelling~ :tup: I have seen people who bring 2 purses to work and you don't look dumb~
  13. It looks great! Love the antigua!
  14. Congrats, thanks for sharing the modeling pics, they are great!
  15. I do this all the time; the last time I went to Seattle, I carrried my damier speedy 30 in one hand with a balenciaga on my shoulder. On another trip to LA, I carried my mono keepall 55 with a cerise speedy. I think you look great.