For those of you who travel and use a weekender... do you also carry other bbags

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  1. with you?

    i'm trying to figure out if i can pull off carrying a weekender and stick another balbag inside it for use when i arrive at my destination. would it look weird to be carrying both a weekender and a city/work at the same time?

    i'm contemplating as i am considering buying a weekender.

  2. The last time I traveled I took my WE, a Day and a First.

    I carried the WE on the plane as a carry-on and used the Day as my handbag. Yes I was BBag greedy but I loved it!!! ;)
  3. Last time I traveled, I took my Caramel WE and carried my Chocolate City. I plan to get a Courier also to complement the Weekender.
  4. does anyone use the weekender as an everday bag?
  5. sometimes i used my we for everyday bag.

    and when i travel, yes, i carried my we on the left shoulder and a city or first on my right for essential items like the plane tickets, wallet, cell phone and stuffs
  6. When I travel, I usually place my bbags inside. More than one bbag item would be overload. I like to carry as little as possible when i'm traveling. Plus the WE can stand up to being thrown around and what not.
  7. i love being bbag greedy. that should be a new term!:tup:
  8. is the courier the one with the messenger style?
  9. does anyone want to model how it looks with a weekender in one arm and a city or first in the other? hehe.

  10. This is the Courier and it can be worn both on the shoulder or messenger. I'm 5'5", 105 lbs. It's pretty big on me so I'll probably use it alone when traveling by plane. But for road trips and such, it'll come in handy when combined with the Weekender.



    I'll try to get a pic of me and my WE with the City up this afternoon.
  11. cracker- wow which is bigger? the WE or the courier?

    thank you so much for posting pics!
  12. The WE, I think, is bigger. I like the idea of carrying the WE with the Courier because they are different shapes. Here's a pic with my Caramel 05 WE and Chocolate 05 City.

  13. I saw a girl in the Paris airport with a weekender and a courier. Looked kinda cool - matching luggage! Have to admit, I was having major Bal-envy :drool:
  14. I sometimes us the WE as an every day bag... I LOVE big bags and hardly able to fill it up but I like the slouchy look :smile:

    I've traveled with both the City and WE and end up using both ;)
  15. When I travel, I ALWAYS use my WE.

    I usually bring my WE as a carry-on, and either First or City as my hand bag depending on how much stuff I have to carry. For your reference, I'm 5'3", 98lbs.

    I'm wanting to get the Courier also to compliment my WEs when I travel.....Mmmm.