For those of you who think the denim line is trendy...

  1. How long do you think you could carry it and it still look cute and trendy? 1 year, 2, 5??? What do ya think?

  2. I own three LV denim bags and I personally think it will never go out of style. Its like blue jeans. Timeless

    Now I do have a fuschia one but I think as long as I'm not too matchy matcy when I wear it- it will not go out of style either. Pink is classic.
  3. We all a different views of what we think is trendy and classic. I myself found my blue LV denim mini pleaty to be a bit trendy. It's very cute but I wasn't in love with it. It now belongs to a PF member :biggrin:
  4. you never know. . . 2 years maybe{?}
    it's impossible to predict IMO, denim is almost always hot, but maybe not denim bags forever{?}
  5. I would give it 2 years max.
    I do think that the pink ones are the cutest things but I know that in a couple of years it wouldnt be something I would be interested in anymore.
    Thats just me though. Everyone is different. :smile: