for those of you who take off your qees....

  1. I went today to see the tutti in person.......

    irvine spectrum:

    Nordies - gioco, ciao ciao, dolce, bv, campeggio
    metropark - gioco, bv, zucca, canguro

    anywho, I really don't care for it and totally NOT liking the evil scary looking devil guy on it.

    So for those that take their qees off their bags, I soooo want your adios qee!!

    my birthday is on sunday.........hint hint..........hehe :wlae:
  2. The scary looking devil guy...? Do you mean the hanya tattoo on the girl? That's just a ogre mask women wear in Japanese plays and stuff. Hehe.
  3. My friend didn't like her tattoo either. She said it looked scary and was out of place on the print. I don't mind it tho. It looks cool.
  4. Haha. I'm used to them since I'm from Japan. My parents have some and they're up in my grandma's house in Japan. I think the hyottako (or is it hyotako?) is a hilarious Japanese mask... Now THAT would have looked out of place on a tokidoki print!
  5. speaking of tatoo's...does anyone know what "HC" mean. It's on the shoulders of the pink haired girl.
  6. I don't know... "Hard Core"? *lol* Or maybe it's the initials of his girlfriend... Hehe.
  7. :roflmfao: HARD CORE! exactly what my hubby said!
  8. Yeah, my bf said the same thing after I asked him. Then I asked if HC meant anything in the tattoo community and he said no. So... I dunno.
  9. Maybe Hard Candy, since the Hard Candy people were the first to approach Simone.

    Just a guess
  10. Oooooooooooh!! Yeah, maybe!! :yes:
  11. HC means Hepatitis-C. She's sick.

    haha jk. I go with Hard Candy.. or hard core
  12. maybe "HOT CHICK" :tup:
  13. anyone have those metallic qees instead of those regular qees? i was thinking about taking off my other qees and getting metallic shiny and cool :graucho:
  14. when i first saw her tattoo the first thing i thought was how out of place it was