For those of you who store your LV in dustbags..

  1. Do you fold your bag up? When I bought my speedy it came folded up in the dustbag and I feel weird about trying to fold it back up again. Are you supposed to store it smashed up in the dustbag?
  2. No, I think the only bags that come folded are Speedys.
    If I owned one, I would just leave it and put it in a larger dust bag.
  3. I normally dont fold my speedy bags back up- I put them in larger bags in larger boxes so they wont have the folds in the material when I go to carry them. I use mine so much tho usually they are laying out somewhere in between uses.
  4. I store my speedy in the dust bag and not folded.
  5. I don't re-fold mine. I stuff it loosely with white pillow cases or white t-shirts so that it will retain its shape. Then I place it in the dust bag.
  6. I don't fold mine back up either. I put a piece of card board at the bottom and stuff it with towels so it holds its shape. Then I put it in a bigger dust bag.
  7. no I never fold my bags. I acutally have tissue paper in all my bags so they hold shape. with the speedies, I would buy a bigger dust bag so it fits in without folding.
  8. i don't fold my bags back when i place them in the dustbags.
  9. I fold my speedies!
  10. The only bag I have that folds is one speedy so I store that one in an clean pillowcase so I don't have to fold it.
    All my other bags I store in their LV dustbags.
  11. I stuff my speedies and put it in a pillow case (if the dustbag doesn't fit):smile:
  12. agree
  13. i stuff my speedy and put it in the dust bag :smile:
  14. i stuff my speedy and store as is in a dustbag or pillowcase if it doesn't fit.
  15. I don't fold mine anymore b/c the canvas is starting to crack :crybaby: