For those of you who sleep with your dog(s)..

  1. Why do they have to sleep almost on top of me? They both have to be close, all cuddled in. I mean, I know they are pack animals, but geez! Anyone else's dogs do this?;)
  2. Daisy does this as well. Then she likes to spread all of her limbs OUT. Thank goodness Ripley is too clumsy to make it into the bed, there would be no room for me or my husband.
  3. Silly things! But I love them!
  4. Yes, and Toby likes to make sure his butt is always facing my face...and when he gets some of that midnight gas...:shocked::sick: haha...

    Either that or he curls up against my neck. :heart:
  5. Yes, my Pepsi likes to cuddle and sleeps jammed between me and the DH. He's part of the family.
  6. No doggies allowed in the bed at Casa Fifi!! However, kitties are acceptable.
  7. Yup, my 3 pugs all have to sleep touching me or my FH. They have to be touching us while they sleep at all times it seems like.
  8. my dog ceasar sleeps like a human!! he loves to sleep right on top of our pillows with body parallel between me and bf. other times, he's either curled up or at the end of the bed (depends on his mood).
  9. 3 dogs sleep under the covers with me and DH :amuse:

    one in between us, and the others down near the foot of the bed. And yes, they have to circle around and then flop down, always hitting me when the do it! They are a breed from Africa, so they are never too warm, they want to do this in the summer, we have to kick them out some nights! Though in Northern California, here it is very often in the upper 40's to 50's at night, even if 85- 90 during the day (perfect for sleeping!)

    Thank goodness we have a king- size bed! These are dogs that weigh 46 lbs each :rolleyes:
  10. None of my own dogs do that, but when I visit my Father I alway let his 85lb pit bull lab mix sleep with me and she does it. She literally snuggles in so close that she's on top of me. Because she weighs so much it's hard to get out from under her. Then I feel bad because she gives me that look of "how could you move around so much when I was so comfortable?" Silly dog!
  11. My dog coco likes to sleep at the end of my bed. I'm always so scared that I'm going to kick him off because he is so small. But he has never cuddled up to me thank God. I would probably roll over on him. :wtf: I sleep like a crazy person.
  12. Me too. Both doggies are on their doggie beds - both kitties are sleeping on my head...:nuts:
  13. LOL One Chi snuggles in between my knees or ankles and the other one insists on sleeping in the crook of my elbow!!
  14. When we got married, my DH said that dogs do not belong in the house. Happily, all three cow dogs sleep in the bed! The working dogs seem to sleep at the foot, not on our heads. Regardless, I wash the sheets A LOT.
  15. Mine thought they owned the bed!!!! They boh slept between us all night, under the covers and "sharing" our pillows. We've had to get them off because hubby was getting some nasty allergies. Now they climb on in the morning for a bit. I miss those cuddles.