For those of you who sell your bags...

  1. do you know which ones to part with?

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    My love for my LVs has dwindled a bit. I have a few bags, and I'd like to branch out to other brands, and maybe some other LV styles. There are many LVs I don't use...but I don't know if I could part with them! What if I need one one day but I had gotten rid of it? I don't want to regret it. I was hoping that those of you who sell your bags have some advice for me.

    Here are my bags and how much I use them:

    Mini Speedy HL-never used since I was about 3 but its from my late great aunt so I won't part with it
    Mini Looping- my first LV I purchased in the store when I was 18. I never use it anymore, but hold onto it because it was my "first" LV.
    Speedy 25- I use it once in awhile but i really wish it were a 30 or 35.
    Batignolles Vertical- This is the monogram I use most.
    Epi Noe-Wouldn't get rid of =)
    Damier Saleya- Use it often when it's raining out, like that its not monogram
    Mono recital- Used it maybe twice in 2 years, but always keep it for "just in case"
    Epi Pochette- Use it maybe 4, 5 times a year but love it
    Damier Azur Pochette- Would love to use it this summer but seems kind of small (esp to take to work.) I sometimes take it shopping.

    I also have 5 cles, and a keyholder. I use one or two cles at a time, usually my damier for gift cards, and either my vernis or minimono for my keys. I do have a cles in Monogram groom I have never taken out of the box. I'm not sure if any of the cles would be worth selling.

    I have a few bandeau scarves, but love them all equally. My wallet I wouldn't part with-I've used it everyday for almost 5 years and it still looks brand new.

    I'm mainly debating on whether to keep or sell my speedy, (my sister just got a 30 so its not like I'd be speedy deprived, however its such a classic piece), mini looping (the first LV i picked out), and recital.

    Does anyone have any advice? What's your reasoning for selling a bag? Is it worth it? Also my feedback is only 49, 100% positive. Would I have trouble selling a bag? Thanks!
  2. Hiya
    How about you sell the Recital i'm sure you could find something else.
    There sounds like there is no real need for it so i say sell it.
    I also think you should sell your speedy and maybe then use the money for a speedy 30 in maybe a different style? Like Epi or damier?
    Since you wish you had one you might aswell!
    Erm how about selling 3 of your cles' ?
    and then maybe just keeping your 2 favourites.
    Theres not much use just keeping them in their boxes when you could be buying a bag your really love and use more
    If some you don't use much but don't really want to part with how about selling it to someone in your family?
    Good luck :smile:
  3. Reason for selling:
    a) you stopped liking a bag
    b) you stopped using a bag.

    Is it worth it? Yes, cash is always good to have.
  4. Thanks for your reply. My sister is younger than me, and only has love for the speedy, so I don't know if she'd want any of my other bags. I'd feel kind of funny asking her for money. I think the recital is def. going to go on eBay, however I don't think it really sells that well. I can get rid of the regular mono cles, I guess lol. The more I think about them just sitting there (like you stated), the more it seems ridiculous to keep things "just because." I just don't want to regret it.
  5. I used to sell my least used bag to fund the purchase of a bag I thought I'd carry more. I'm happy to say that I haven't sold any of my bags in over a year - and it feels goooooooooood ;) :love:
  6. Speedy 25- I use it once in awhile but i really wish it were a 30 or 35.

    Sell it and buy a 30. I had my 25 for about 6 months or so and sold it on eBay to fund my purchase of a 30, which I've had 2 years now and could never bare to part with it.
  7. I always sell bags I know I wont use anymore. I just sold one that I loved but knew I just wouldn't be using it any longer. So that funded my Keepall Purchase :smile:
  8. I also sell the bags I know I won't use a lot. The MC Speedy 30 was my dream bag. But once I got it I hardly ever used it. It was too flashy for my small rural college campus and I didn't like the attention it brought. I sold it on eBay to fund a MC Eliza and a few other small items.

    Sometimes you will regret selling a bag that you love. I sold my mandarin epi pochette and now I would love to have her bag.
  9. if you don't use it, sell it!!! you can get more fabulous bags you WILL use! I would def. sell the 25 to get the 30 ... you will use it much more
  10. Thanks girls! I guess it makes the most sense to sell my recital. Still debating about the looping. And possibly the speedy to get a bigger one, and get rid of a few cles. I noticed there aren't many monogram groom cles on ebay...hmm I wonder why? Anyway, I guess now I just need more encouragement. This is the closest i've come so far to selling them! Thanks girls!
  11. Of course keep the ones that are sentimental in value to you. Regarding the Speedy, Recital, HL, and one of the pochettes, I'd sell. I'd also sell some of of the cles you have unless you're a fond collector. I don't personally collect so I have no problem selling my bags to fund another bag purchase.

    Go with your instincts and your :heart:.
  12. Thats my problem....I see my bags as more of a "collection" of bags I'll "have forever." But now looking at everything-I feel like it's a waste to have my bags just sitting there.
  13. Definitely sell the Speedy. There is no sense in having a bag that you wish were something else, KWIM? Also I think you could definitely part with the Recital and a cles or two. Keep in mind that selling these items will only make room for a bag collection that suits you better, so no need to be sad about it.
  14. Very true! Thank you!

  15. ita :tup: