For those of you who owned both MA and Matinee from Rebecca Minkoff -

  1. Just like a lot of people here, I am swinging between these two bags.

    I have a couple of questions for those of you who have these two bags -

    1. Which one do you like better? If you can only pick one (now you have experienced both), which one will you buy again?
    2. Why will you choose the bag over the other one?
    3. Which one do you carry more often? In what occassions?

  2. I'm bumping this, I'd like to know too!
  3. I don't have both, but I was trying to decide which one to choose just last week. I ended up with the Matinee. One of biggest reasons I chose the Matinee over the MAB is the number of pockets. The Matinee outdoes the MAB by 7 - the MAB only has one front pocket, the Matinee has 8 very well placed pockets!! They are not obviuse (I didn't even realize that the two zippered pockets on the ends were there until I got home!) I also liked the shape of the Matinee over the MAB - the MAB is a little boxier than the Matinee. I love the suede flaps on the ends of Matinee & think it gives the bag a little something extra that makes it so unique. I think the look of the MAB is a little simple (maybe even a little boring when compared to the Matinee).

    One thing you might want to consider (I mentioned this in another post reviewing the Matinee) is the size of the main opening of the bag. That's about my only complaint about the Matinee - the opening is smaller than the one on the MAB. The zipper on the MAB goes all the way from end to end allowing the bag to open wider making it easier to get in & out of the bag. The Matinee's opening is smaller - the zipper does NOT go all the way from end to end and it's a little more difficult to get in and out of the bag (especially with the stiffer leathers - I went with the black/blue combo which is a much softer leather so that the opening has more give).

    I would still like to add a MAB bag (or mini) to my collection. This is my first RB bag and I really like how the bag carries and wears. I wouldn't trade my Matinee for a MAB but I would consider buying a MAB or mini now that I own a Matinee. I hope this helps a little!
  4. I am waiting for an MA (from SS) and I just returned the Matinee today so I will let you know ;)
  5. ^^^You returned your Chocolate Matinee Kellykapoor?? Why?
  6. hard to explain, but the matte brown was just too matte. :shrugs:
  7. You know I agree with you that the chocolate Matinee did look too matte. That's why I didn't order that color. But I did like the eggplant for th suede part. But overall, the color looked too dull for me. What color MA did you get?
  8. Elephant :heart:
  9. I currently have two matinees and one morning after mini. But I have one more mini, and a regular morning after on the way. What can I say, I love ALL RM bags, but if I had to chose, it would be the matinee for it's versatility. The matinee has a wider strap drop, making it more comfortable on the shoulder. I don't usually want to wear them that way, but sometimes we need our hands free. I also love how many pockets the matinee has and the suede really adds such creative detail.

    So, if your looking for a big bag, then I recommend the matinee, but if you are small, or prefer a smaller bag, then go with the morning after mini - which is by no means small.
  10. I like the MA better. The Matinee looks cute on the arm, but I find the opening at the top very small and hard to get into. I also think the Matinee is more trendy whereas the MA will stand the test of time longer.
  11. I now own a MA in addition to my Matinee (my SA from Nordstroms called me when one became available). I'm still using my Matinee bag but I really love the MA. The leather is so soft and thin and the bag extremely lightweight. The main opening is much larger making it easier than the Matinee to get in & out of. I do find the MA a little boxier compared to the Matinee which makes it almost impossible to carry it on your shoulder (I also think the Matinee's drop might be just a tad longer). At least I wouldn't be comfortable with the MA on my shoulder. I wouldn't carry the Matinee on my shoulder either, but if I needed my hands free, I know it would be possible.

    Now that I own both, I'm very happy and I wouldn't trade either one, but if I were forced to choose between them, I still think I'd go with the Matinee if only for its many pockets. I also think that overall it's just an easier bag to carry. It's a close call, however, because I really do like the MA a lot. As for its size, I think the Matinee is a little smaller than the MA. It's a little longer but definitely shorter. The MA has a more boxier or dome shape to it.

    Both bags are equally great, though, and I think it just comes down to personal preference. If you like to carry larger bags & always carry them on your arm, the MA might be the one you really want, but if you want a good size bag w/o it looking too large and the ease of putting on your shoulder if needed, the Matinee might be your choice.

    I don't think you can go wrong with either one, however.
  12. Here's a side by side comparison of my Matinee & MA. My Matinee bag is made of thick, soft black leather, that is very smooth & squishy. The MA's leather is much thinner but very soft. It's got a slightly pebbled appearance that is glazed over giving it some added protection. When the MA is empty, the bag actually collapse because the leather is so soft & thin. Hopefully this gives you a better idea about their sizes. Keep in mind that Matinee bags that are made from different leathers, like the Elephant that is very stiff and formed, may appear slightly larger. In fact, when I was trying to decide between the black and elephant, I compared them side by side and the elephant bag looked a little bigger (it's an illusion, however, because the leather on the black bag causes it to collapse somewhat while the elephant remained fully upright).
  13. I don't own a RM bag yet (still deciding!), but the Matinee is the one that initially caught my eye. I love the shape and versatility. The MA is boxier, but still a must-have.

    iluvmybags, what color is your MA? Glazed Espresso? Gorgeous.