For those of you who own a Cognac Spy....

  1. You're SO lucky! Also, I didn't want to post this in the authentification thread because I know styledrops sells authentic merchandise.

    However, I was wondering if all the cognac spy's have lighter handles than the leather on the bag. From the pics I've seen that seems to be the case.

    I'm thinking about buying the cognac spy from Styledrops but the handle color seems to close to the actual bag color. I know the dark chocolate spy was like this, but I thougth for sure the cognac had lighter handles...

    Is this one of the earlier cognac spys?

  2. I purchased my spy in January so I'm assuming that it's from the newer batch of cognacs. I heard the previous cognac spys were a little lighter in color and the handles were a little more orangey. There were problems with fading with the older cognac spys ... so the newer ones are darker and shinier, maybe to prevent fading. That can explain why you have seen lighter cognac spys compared to the pics with styledrops. Here's a pic of mine:
  3. ooh your's is GORGEOUS bebes! i'm going to try and hold out for a newer one!
  4. beautiful bag!!
  5. if only the marketplace were still open!~
  6. ^ I keep thinking the same thing! LOL
  7. Your spy is gorgeous Asl Bebes! I've got one of the older I'm worried that it'll fade on me. I do see some fading but it doesn't look bad, kinda like "vintage fading"?! :huh: I haven't seen anymore Cognac Spys (except for Styledrops in the reg. size) since I ordered this one a couple years ago, so I probably won't find it again plus it is the LARGE size Spy which is even more rarel I added the group pic to show you the slight size difference from the black (regular size) Spy. The large is $300 more, but I love the size.
    (5) Fendi Lambskin Spy, Large - 2375.JPG (3) Fendi Collection.JPG