For those of you who own a Blonde Elisha?

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  1. Is it normal for there to be imperfections within the leather (ie: natural areas of darkening?)

    Just curious b/c I bought one a few weeks ago and wanted to see if I'm just being picky or if maybe I should try to get one w/o these imperfections if it exists.

  2. [​IMG]

    Here's my elisha....
    1st pic is brand new,
    second pic is recent, it was used last season.
    No major variations IMO, but hopefully you can judge for yourself by the pics.
    Hope this helps!!
  3. PS- sorry for the size of the pics....
  4. Wow - this has got to be at least the third time someone has brought up the newer Elisha leather having what some may consider issues.

    lovekoobabags: I think everyone differs in their feelings and if the imperfections bug you then definitely look for a new one. With what we pay for bags it should be what YOU want and you shouldn't feel like your settling, you know? :yes:
  5. i have a blonde bonnie and i gotta say she's delicate. i've beaten the hell out of her and the leather shows the wear and tear. i kind of like it that way... that way no one will ever steal her haha (ok so my cat chewed on her and after that it was to hell with it hehe) there are natural spots that are darker than others, but i must say if you're picky this blond color might not be for you!

    i think those bags are absolutely stunning, and i must say congrats! i'd bee keepin em! delishhhh!
  6. From what I've seen and been told by people who have sold alot of Koobas for several years, The new Elisha's have a smoother different texture than the ones of last season. From pictures it seems apparant. The new Elisha's are maybe thinner and have a smoother finish. I've also been told that the Elisha leather (new) is the same as my Nelli bag. I happen to love my Nelli Leather, but on the same note others have complained that the blue leather has inconsistancies. Mine doesn't.
    I think every Kooba bag will speak for itself. I don't think any one style bag can be guaranteed to have flawless leather. Kooba seems to be nothing but inconsistancies lately.
    If you don't like what you see, I'd exchange it or return it because I know I want a perfect bag for the price we pay.
  7. For the record, both bags that I have posted in the pics were originally purchased in 2007.
    I cannot really speak on the newer models, from what I've noticed they look a little shinier than the matte elishas I have.
    I guess the handles of the blonde have darkened a bit, but I think that's somewhat expected- from the natural oils of my hands probably.
  8. That explains it all chodessa & lexie! I love my blonde elisha but honestly - I bought and sold a bunch of Devins last year and the leather WAS MORE SUBSTANTIAL. The Blonde Elisha I got from ebay was thinner, shinner and not as heavy as my other leather bags. Their quality has gone WAY down.
    I bought if off ebay so I can't return it. I've asked the seller if I can exchange it (evidentally she owns a store in my county) ~ but has not promised anything yet. Argh.
  9. I want a Blonde Elisha from 2007 :sad:
  10. I'm so so sorry..:crybaby:
    This thread has actually explained a lot for me as well...where the 2008 elishas are concerned.:tdown: for changing the quality of their leather!!
    I hope the ebay seller will take it back and you will find the elisha of your dreams!!
  11. That's the word I wanted....Matte. My old Elisha is a Matte and looks almost like suede from across the room when all the pics I've seen of the new Elishas are shiny and smooth, like my Nelli. Anyone who has a Blue Elisha is the leather seem to look like this?

    Nellli1.JPG Nelli2.JPG