For those of you who need a smaller lighter bag.

  1. I have been having a bad time with my back lately and have been though a series of bags to try and find something that can hold all my things, is cute, and won't break my back. Last night I purchased the small laced galery tote. It looks tiny but can indeed hold a lot and is so adorable.

    I am loving it...
    Ladies check it out!!!

    :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
  2. Lead me to it ..I have the exact same back problem..what is the number and style? Thanks, glad you found something that does not hurt. :yahoo:
  3. sounds good i wanna see!!!
  4. I'm about there myself. My shoulder and back is killing me from moving boxes around in the stock room at Coach. Ironic isn't it?! I can't seem to carry my own bag right now from moving purses around! I just got my Felicia bag and I've been carrying a wristlet for the past couple of days. I think I may need to look at a smaller bag. Is this the regular sized gallery tote??
  5. Its the regular style that retails for 428.00