For those of you who love the Cabas Alto...

hi , just wanted to know whats the diff bet the cabas alto and mezzo? does it have a zipper on top as well? can anyonee post pics of both to compare... planning to get the mezzo--- not sure if its mezzo or alto-- it;s the one Angelina Jolie is using as diaper bag, i think.
thanks LV addict-- i thought that was angelina's pic--lol... it looks good on you, though. Plannng to get one for travel.. as i donnt want to carry a small bag and a big one. I usually carry a shoulder bag and a keepall-- now i find that difficult with my little girl travelling with me.. thanks.. ill go with a mezzo
susu1 said:
LV addict, I love the bag!!! Do you think that you would have special ordered it in Damier?

I forgot to ask how long ago you got your bag
I wouldn't order it in Damier (as much as I love it!) because I don't need two of the same bags. If I didn't have one, maybe I would have ordered it, depends on the price though. I've had this one for about six years now and that is one of my LV bags I absolutely can't live without!!!
susu1 said:
Get down to your local boutique. This great bag can still be special ordered in monogram canvas or damier. I've gotten mine ordered:love:

Hi there. Can you tell me which LV you ordered your bag from? Mine SA told me they couldn't do a SO on an alto :mad: and I really want one!