For those of you who love the Cabas Alto...

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  1. Get down to your local boutique. This great bag can still be special ordered in monogram canvas or damier. I've gotten mine ordered:love:
  2. hi , just wanted to know whats the diff bet the cabas alto and mezzo? does it have a zipper on top as well? can anyonee post pics of both to compare... planning to get the mezzo--- not sure if its mezzo or alto-- it;s the one Angelina Jolie is using as diaper bag, i think.
  3. Angelina's larger cabas is a Mezzo. It has a zipper on top. Alto doesn't have a zipper. I have Alto and use it for travel LOTS!!!
  4. LV addict, I love the bag!!! Do you think that you would have special ordered it in Damier?

    I forgot to ask how long ago you got your bag
  5. thanks LV addict-- i thought that was angelina's pic--lol... it looks good on you, though. Plannng to get one for travel.. as i donnt want to carry a small bag and a big one. I usually carry a shoulder bag and a keepall-- now i find that difficult with my little girl travelling with me.. thanks.. ill go with a mezzo
  6. Good Choice- Let us know how you like it!!!!!
  7. did you order yours in damier or mono ?
  8. I wouldn't order it in Damier (as much as I love it!) because I don't need two of the same bags. If I didn't have one, maybe I would have ordered it, depends on the price though. I've had this one for about six years now and that is one of my LV bags I absolutely can't live without!!!
  9. I wanted that bag. I was sad htat it was discontinued but glad to hear it can be SOed.
  10. I like it in mono, But also in damier.
  11. I ordered mine in monogram canvas:nuts:
  12. How much was it?
  13. $1200.00 was the estimate that I was given ( that's how much the damier one is). The associate has to fax the order in and they will confirm the pricing.
  14. Hi there. Can you tell me which LV you ordered your bag from? Mine SA told me they couldn't do a SO on an alto :mad: and I really want one!

  15. That is a HUGE tote .. great for travel. NOW I am thinking of getting a mezzo:lol: