For those of you who love Tano.....

  1. Not sure if this has been done before, but if not.....I thought it would be fun to find out.

    I just discovered Tano last year. So far I only have three for my collection, but I am finding they are becoming my favorite.

    So, how many Tanos do you all own? Which are they? Which are your favorite and why?

  2. I only own the Butane Jane in wine. I guess just because I'd not big into switching out my bag everyday, I like having a piece that's something people associate with me, rather than using it as a fashion accessory. I love it because I honestly had been looking for this very bag for over a year, had the vision in my head and everything, then I joined the purse forum and found it! And, at a reasonable price with great quality.
  3. I own the Tano Centerfold in papaya (I think that is the name of the color, it's orange) because I wanted a fun casual bag that I could beat up (it's already distressed) and wear in bad weather, but with a fun punch of color. I love it, love the purple lining (purple is my favorite color!), love that I can wear it over my shoulder or cross body - it's perfect when I'm out with the kids.
  4. i have the Sprung Medium crackle Shoulder Bag (in black). (Here's a picture from lunaboston) This bag sparkles so much because the leather is "crackle".. It has a lot of strappy components and pockets, and i love the purple lining of this bag. I haven't thought about getting another one because i still carry it around a lot. Also, it's lightweight and i can wear it with any outfit.
  5. I don't own any yet but they are on my list! I'm going to try to hit up the warehouse sale this weekend. I'll post if I go!
  6. I own three so far and I only got into them a couple months ago I believe. I have a wine boogie bucket, bronze goldie shocks, and black chicklet wallet. I definitely want to add more to my collection and I can't really pick which one I love more. I definitely want to add more! Tano is definitely a low maintenance bag but still has style.
  7. I own 9 Tanos and think that they are great, stylish bags for a great price. I especially love the bright colours and the new lenny leather is awesome. Love it!!
  8. I own the Boogie Bucket in black and the Sex Bomb in red velvet.
    I love them both and use them more than any other bag in my collection but I have carried the Boogie Bucket almost exclusively for the past several weeks and that is unlike me. I change bags all the time.
    It's just such a great bag. Tons fit inside (including my chameleon) and even if it's not full it looks great. I love the short strap and how it fits on my shoulder.

    It's a perfect all-around, go-to bag.
  9. Recently I put a whole pile of my old ones in the donation box in town. So now I only have 9! ;)
  10. I have only one, but I find it is my go-to bag. The bright color (red!) is stylish, the size is big without being bulky (or heavy), and I get more compliments on my Tano than on any other bag I own!
  11. I own the Butane Jane, Lady Octane and Chiclet Wallet. I love all three of my Tanos.
    They are my favorite bags!
  12. I love my Tano bags!!! I think they are amazing.... I have a midnight black Miss Print and a blueprint blue Boogie Bucket. Click the links for my pics.

    I plan on adding several to my collection in 2008!
  13. I just recently bought the butane jane, the bauhaus and the mona (i think that's it's name) i am anxiously awaiting their delivery.....