For those of you who like Black MC..

  1. ...which style is your favorite and why? I have a white mc speedy, so I am not thinking of getting a black mc speedy too. I'd like to get just one black mc but cannot decide between the alma, petit noe and the priscilla. Help please!!
  2. I have both the black and white MC Almas. The style is such a classic and can be worn whether you're dressed up or down. Also, the zipper closure makes it very easy for you to access the contents inside of the bag. It's such a great shape that most of the time, I only zip up the bag on the sides only and my contents are still safe and sound in the bag.
  3. I used to have the black Alma and I loved it...I love the Priscilla and Petit Noe as well but have never owned either one but I would seriously consider getting one of them (or both) though! I like the black better because I can wear it year around...the white is beautiful but I only find myself carrying it in the Spring/Summer months...If you want something with a strap the Petit Noe is perfect...
  4. I think Petit Noe in black MC looks FABULOUS!:tup::love:
  5. I am a big fan of black MC... if I had to choose my fave style, I would choose the Aurelia MM. It's sooo cute!
  6. i'd go for the petit noe!! looks amazing!!
  7. my vote ~ black petit noe :smile:
  8. My favorite is the Black MC Petite Noe
  9. the petite noe in black mc would be lovely. i have a black mc trouville and it looks more stunning in black mc.
  10. My favorite top 5 Black MC bags are the following:

    1. Black MC Speedy
    2. Black MC Ursula
    3. Black MC Noe
    4. Black MC Trouville
    5. Black MC Alma
  11. Haha... my fave black MC bag happens to be the Speedy. Other than that, I think the Aurelia looks good.
  12. Black MC Alma! :smile:
  13. In the Black MC, I LOVE the Alma. :love::tender: Second place would be the Petit Noe.
  14. um i love my audra. it's the only piece i have in black mc but i just love it. i'm buying a black mc billets soon to match :biggrin:
  15. I love the Audra in Black MC too. It is a stunning bag and holds a lot! Vuittonamour, EmilyK, and Memory Bliss helped me choose mine. I tried on every other bag but the Audra just looked the best on my frame.

    Here's some pics to help you:
    IMG_3132.jpg IMG_3119.jpg