For those of you who have to study...

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  1. how do you create a perfect environment/ambience to help you study?
    My desk is in my bedroom (which I share with my bro) and everything is too crowded... It doesn't help at all... And I can't move to another room, because the rest of the family are there and, well, too much noise...
    I'll try something new today... Some light lounge music (just to create some Starbucks mood :sweatdrop:) and air conditioning, cause the heat is killing me!

    I'm stressed out now. In 3 weeks are my Master's exams and I have to STUDY... jesus...
  2. Can you go to library to study? I live alone so I don´t have to worry about others. If I study at home, I usually read in bed. It´s comfortable and suits me.
  3. I just need silence. I don't have to sit at a table...I can even study in bed, but as long as it's quiet I'm fine. If I can't have it quiet in the house, then I go out to my car to study. It's kind of crazy but being in the car would block out everything for me. (I never study and drive at the same time :smile:).
  4. that's something i;ve never heard before! quite funny...:tup:
  5. If it's just on your laptop, and you don't need too much light for reading books, etc, I'm gonna suggest a roomy closet. Seriously. It's dark, it's quiet, it shuts out noise, it's closed in so it gives you a sense that your concentration and thoughts are locked in there with you, they can't escape. And there are no distractions!

    This is, of course, only if you have a closet that is comfortable enough to sit in with the doors closed. And if it has a light, and you can fit something other than a laptop, like a book or notebook, even better!

    Crazy, but what are you gonna do if you share a room and the kitchen is the social center of the house!?
  6. I usually study in my dining room. I can't study if the house is dusty or clattered, I have to know everything is in place and clean... So I always run around the house dusting and declattering, taking garbage out, scrubbing sinks before I study... OCD can drive me crazy.
    I prefer to study in my classroom, that's why I usually arrive 1,5 hour before class starts.

    I like to drink iced tea or coffee when I study.
  7. Headphones. They saved my education, I mean.
  8. I have my books in the breakfast room so I read here and sometimes in my bedroom. I need quiet which is not a problem for me here.
  9. In the study at my house. It's essentially a big library with a desk and windows. I like that it's very quiet (no phones, laptops or noise-making devices) I enjoy studying around books and need it to be quiet (or have white noise in order to get anything done). No music.
    I like to take breaks, go to the exercise room for half an hour or so, maybe go for a walk and then go back to studying. In my experience, physical and intellectual exertion complement each other quite nicely and I can always get a lot more studying done if I take breaks to do quick workouts.
  10. I like dead silence. But in my household that doesn't happen. I don't know where I get it from. I'm pretty soft spoken, but my mom has this booming voice. LOL

    So i most likely go to my local library, although the study area is right accross from the childrens section. LOL So I get my noise.

    I try to study a little here at work.
  11. I can't study anywhere other than my bedroom at my desk. I've tried to go to the library or cafes, but I just can't concetrate. I need to be locked up in my bedroom while in a pajamas with no makeup. Then I'll play classical music, which is the best studying music to me.
  12. My personal rule is never to study in my own bedroom. I'm not sure why, but I study best when it's in the kitchen or somewhere away from where I sleep. Also, multitasking helps me absorb information better (like music on or tv)
  13. I was just thinking about starting a thread asking what people like to listen to when they study or do their homework.

    I either study in the library downstairs, the study room, or my own room. I prefer my room or the study room because I have computers in both and I can listen to music. If I am in the library, I have to listen to music on my iphone but I prefer not using headphones. Sometimes I do work on my bed. One of the methods I have for studying is reviewing my notes right before I sleep, so I put the notes on the shelf/headboard. Oh sometimes I do my homework in the dining room because the color calms me. I'm weird :P (it's a deep red)

    forgot to add, my favorite thing to listen to is piano music by Yiruma (korean pianist)
  14. There's no way I can study at home, my family would walk by and open their mouths, and then my focus would be ruined. It's also hot and I cannot concentrate.

    Chances are I would probably stay in the library or tutor rooms where it's nice and quiet. Or go to a bookstore like Barnes & Noble and study there.

    A little off-topic: Frostedcouture about your TDK sig, omg. Is that what Batman actually said? I couldn't even understand what he said, and I saw that movie twice. Thanks for that. I thought he said, "I'm not wearing a funny mask" or something. lol!
  15. Yup I agree with you I am the same way:smile: