For those of you who have sold your bbag on ebay...

  1. How much do you actually lose in fees with paypal for a $1200 bag?

    I'm thinking about putting up my magenta city on ebay, but am afraid that I'll only get back a fraction of what I paid.

    (hope you don't mind me asking...)
  2. It's around $70-$100 give or take a few dollars. I know it ends up being like $40 to list on ebay, and like $50 in Paypal fees or so (although this is just a bad estimate! hehe)
  3. I think with a Magenta City you will be okay....popular color
  4. oh...that's not that bad! I thought it would be a lot more! I once sold something for .99 cents and paypal took .30 cents!
  5. Bummer. This bag was sold to me, and then to someone else for more $$$$ ??? Explanation please.
  6. i'm really sorry ranskimmie,
    i honestly did think that you were going with the first/classique.

    ..and it is not being sold for more money.
  7. Im just really dissapointed because you said you had no problem with waiting 1 week. Its only been 3 days:cry: Oh well.
  8. i feel really terrible. has it really only been 3 days?? i don't even like the bag anymore...and its causing so much grief!

    i'm really sorry!
  9. ^^^is there something defective with the bag, whats goin on? sorry im being nosey.
  11. It will cost you around $75 for a $1200 sale.

  12. I agree with you Mimi, it's approx. 4,1% of the end-amount :sad: !!
  13. Plus, if they pay through PayPal you'll have to cough up an additional 3% that you can not pass onto the buyer to be eligible for PP Seller Protection against chargebacks! They all take a good deal off...but it's better than any consignment store cut I've seen.

    When I sell stuff on eBay, I pad the price to include the fees.
  14. I sold my pale rose city for $1260.00 on ebay (shipped) and paypal took about $70.00 - not to mention what ebay took :sad:
  15. wait, I thought paypal fee for receiving funds is around 3%?