For those of you who have been to the outlets...

  1. ... have you by any chance seen anything in the Dior Girly line? Anything at all?
  2. yes. they have a few bags in the cabazon outlet. I specifically recall seeing the square messanger bag with the little flowers on it.
  3. ooh how much was it
  4. I think it was half off the retail...all the other bags I looked at in that section were half off retail...couldn't reach the girly one though cause it was on the top shelf and I'm only 5'! :p
  5. yea, it's half off retail...sorry don't remember the exact price.
  6. i had not idea dior had an outlet, any of CAL? i love dior and finding an outlet would be so awesome.
  7. they have a Dior Outlet @ the Cabazon outlets (so. cali)

    i wish there were more!!!!