For those of you who have been scammed by R-O, PLEASE READ THIS!

  1. Here is a copy of the PM I sent to Nanaz (another victim of R-O) I am in law enforcement so I wanted to copy the PM I sent to Nanaz for ALL of you that have been scammed and do not know the legal/police process.

    Contrary to what a couple of folks wrote, you CANNOT file a police/fraud/theft report on BEHALF of someone else. The actual Victim of the crime has to do it. At least, that is the case in California.

    Anyone is free to PM me for more info or if you need help! I was a victim of receiving a fake LV bag on eBay and I reported to the woman to the local police. They had enough people that filed reports to gather really good evidence against her. A search warrant was executed at her residence and she went to jail. There IS justice out there.

    Here is the PM:
    Since you made an actual eBay transaction with her, have you already received her name and address and telephone number from eBay? If not, that is the first thing you need to do. You are entitled to this info since you completed a transaction with her.

    Whatever city she is in, just google the city she lives in and the word police department to get that PD's contact info. Depending on exactly WHERE she lives in the city/town it may fall under City Police Jurisdiction OR County Sheriff's Juridiction so you may call the PD in her City but if they look up her address and it falls in Sheriff's Dept. (County Jursdiction) you will have to call them or they will just transfer you.

    Tell the dispatcher/records clerk (Basically whoever answers the phone) that you need to file a fraud report. Depending on what state you live in, what she did will most likely be considered Fraud AND grand theft. Since obviously you do not live where RO lives, tell them this and that you would like an officer to complete a telephone report for you. If this little witch is what it seems like, other people may already be doing the same thing with filing a report. Power in numbers!!

    Tel them everything and DO NOT LET the officer taking the report tell you to go to your own local police department to file the report. This means the officer is being a lazy ass and does not want to have to write a report. The actual crime occurred in RO's jurisdiction which means THEY have to take the report to follow up on it.

    After they take the report, they will most likely follow up on in in the Investigations Division (Unless the dept. is SUPER small) The Investigations/Detectives division will call you again and ask for posibly more details than the original reporting officer did. You have to tell the officers/detectives that you wish to pursue criminal charges against RO or they will not care about following up on it. Basically it comes down to if YOU do not want to criminally pursue her, then why should they. The District Attorney's Office will just throw the case in the trash if the victim (You) does not want legal action against the suspect (RO).

    Detectives will most likely make contact with RO and interview her to see her side of the story. Or, if she knows she is screwed, she will probably lawyer up if she can afford it. Or, she may think that she can just bat her eyelashes at the police and lie to them like she did to all the tPFers. She is really an idiot if she thinks that. They will catch her on every lie and every slip up.

    On the other hand, if she has already been reported to the police by other people for fraud, and they are already "On" to her, they may establish enough Probable Cause to serve a search warrant of her residence. In this case, I believe they would go in and take any bags, ebay documents, checking account documents,etc. They would definitely seize her entire computer and possibly arrest her at that time, depending on the evidence they have stacked up against her.

    An investigations computer guru will hack her computer for EVERY microscopic bit of evidence. A computer does not lie and keeps an internal record of EVERY keystroke and EVERY mouse click. With the software we use on computer fraud cases, it is amazing what comes up. People just lie and lie and the computer has all the evidence you need. Let me know if you need ANYTHING and I am so sorry this happened to you. Keep me posted please.
  2. I think I might :heart: you.

    Don't take that the wrong way. Thank you for posting this. Here are the names of those directly affected that have stepped forward here on tPF:

  3. Wow, how many victims did she scammed? Was it here on the tpf, or on ebay? Man, see that makes me more scared to buy or sell from ebay. Wow, it's really nice of you to try to help! :smile: Anyways, who is RO?
  4. Oh and BTW if you are reading this does not matter if you throw away your computer......because I am SURE you are thinking about are done and it does not matter if your computer is at the bottom of the ocean. There are a multitude of ways to read EVERYTHING you have ever done on a aren't safe from legal action. Maybe you should go hide in a hole for the next 10 years until the Statute of Limitations expires for Fraud and Theft........but that is only state laws...I have not even begun to talk about Federal Laws including but not limited to MAIL FRAUD which is a BIG time crime= Prison Time for you!
  5. Great advice.

    However, I think the contact information is what is missing.

    Not even a confirmed name.
  6. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post, but someone had already posted Brittni Banks.

    I have to amend my post - I looked into it, and the user whose name is "Mace" would be Romie-Omie on eBay. We haven't confirmed it's the same person. Yet.

  7. Hmmmm "Mace" here on tpf?

    Anyway, she has also told members her name was Brandy or Brandi.
    Her email address uses brittni.
    Her phone number is no longer good.

    I also believe that no one has the city in OK where she lives. It is assumed near Norman, OK.

    She also told members or posted that she works at a bank. So.....maybe Banks is not her last name, just an alias.

    Who know with these scammers!!
  8. Okay i looked up the IP addresses of the emails that i've received from her-
    first one was on Sprint PCS -Dallas Texas

    The others more recent- including the screaming one in ALL caps was somewhere from the Wichita KS area outskirts using AOL.

    If anyone else has emails from the person, please pm me and i can tell you how to do it.
  9. Kristie - FABULOUS post and step by step instructions! I also urge anyone who was taken in to contact the police in the seller's jurisdiction immediately. Don't let calling the police intimidate you... if enough people have called and filed or attempted to file reports the PD will take serious interest.

  10. Caannie,
    If it was only that easy.

    Need a legit name and address of this scammer!
  11. My problem is that i do not yet have a name - will any one listen to me in the PD if i call? also she claims that the package is lost in USPS in my case.
  12. Very Cool! The mods are able to track the IP locations as well. :tup:
  13. USPS keeps a record of who they lease out PO Boxes to....and you do have to show a legitimate form of ID to obtain one. Mail Fraud is VERY serious stuff and the Postal Inspector/Investigators DO care about this stuff.

    Since she had a PO Box report her to the Office of the Postal Inspector. They will find her especially if multiple people report her!
  14. ^^ LOL, me too sarah!!! :love::shame::p