For those of you who have a MAB & a Matinee...

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  1. I have a MAB in Royal and I love it! Now, should I get another MAB or should I try the Matinee? For those who have both, what do you think? Why do you like your Matinee?
  2. *listens*

    I don't own both, but if there's a Matinee in a color that you love, it'd be nice to have a diversity of bag styles to choose from. :smile: I think I want one each of the Matinee, MAB, MAM, and Nikki!
  3. I like the look of the MAB better, but as Gung put it, the Matinee is built like a tank.... those babies are freaking indestructible!! Do anything to it and it'll bounce right back.

    Also from what i've seen, the matinee's are softer and smooshier (but that could just be the ones that I have.)
  4. Speaking of the MAB - are the bottoms fragile? I have only seen the Gold bottomed one in real life and I'm frightened that it'll turn to mush after I wear it as a shoulder bag for a while (I plan to use it as my every day bag until weather gets very hot)... Are the normal RM MABs stiffer on the bottom too? Ty!
  5. I don't have the MAB but the MAM, and mine is wearing just fine... no wrinkles/creases/folds/weak spots/etc. Unless you carry something ridiculously heavy, (like a 10lb weight), it is pretty sturdy.
  6. ^^i have both, and IMO its a great bag. The matinee is great for organization if you love pockets. Owning one of each style i think is a must in RM's case.
  7. Your Royal Blue MAB is gorgeous! You got it from Owls Lab, right? Anyhoo, I think you should get a Matinee this time around. You will love it! The pockets /slots/compartments are awesome!
  8. Thanks guys! Yeah, Gung, I got it from Owl's Lab... you remember! I'm thinking of dropping by Funkylala tomorrow to check out the Matinees. Think I can fit in a change of clothes, cause my I can in MAB. Thanks!
  9. Oh yeah, I remember! LOL, I wanted a Royal MAB so badly when you got yours! I hope you love it! Its gorgeous!
  10. I do love it and use it well. It came with a bunch of scratches on it beacuse it had been on display so long, but i applied coach's leather moisturizer and took them right out and added a ton of shine with no film! Although, i have had the problem some ladies have mentioned with the straps, the filling of the handle kind of breaking and bending, but only on one strap.

    so, back to my current dilemma... i want a matinee with tassles, which means fall colors... should i spring for it? can i hold a lot in them? :smile: Thanks Gung and everyone.
  11. ^Heh, you're asking me if you should get a Matinee? Hmmm, let me think.

    YES! LOL. It can hold lots of stuff. There is a pocket, slot, compartment for everything you need to carry on an everyday basis, and yet the bag remains very stream lined and clean looking, not too busy at all. I love it!
  12. Okay, okay... Looks like i'm heading to Funkylala soon!
  13. I have both, and trust me when I say - if you're an RM fan, you've got to own a Matinee! It's a very functional day-to-day bag, but it has a style all it's own - a head-turner for sure! I love my MAB, but all the complements I get from other women are usually from the Matinee.
  14. I agree with everyone else, go for a Matinee! You'll absolutely love it. They're gorgeous and very functional.
  15. Thank you all!!!