For those of you who drive BMWs...

  1. ...what options do you suggest that I spend the extra $ on?

    I am looking to get a 3 series this June, and am so ovewhelmed by all of the options!!! The only one that I know for SURE I have to have is the automatic transmission!! LOL

    And what is your fav color that they make? I am really leaning towards that charcoal gray...

    Thanks for all your input!!:nuts: :yes:
  2. I have to have a navigation system in my vehicles. I love it and can't drive without one now.
  3. ^oooh good suggestion!!! Navi would definitely be great to have!
  4. Im on my third BMW..LOVE them.I have the BWM SUV now though.My first two were sedans.I ALWAYS must have heated seats,heated stearing wheel.Mine is black..I used to own a grey one and a silver blue one..I have to say the grey was my fave,The black one is ALWAYS dirty looking!LOL!
  5. the heated steerig wheel seems like a silly option, but its SO nice when you actually need it!! i THINK it is in the cold weather package, not 100% positive. Id say that and the gps system would be great. what model are you looking to get? you could also look into the premium package loaded with goodies :graucho:
  6. I don't drive one but I will chime in about heated seats, etc. They kick A$$ and I live in Austin where we need them once a year. ;)
  7. I have the dark grey 5 series. You must get the Nav system, enhanced stereo, heated seats and steering wheel and if possible the sport package with features low profile tires and better wheels. Oh and get the windows tinted a medium.
  8. my mom likes the "saphire" blue wit the light interior......she is very descripitve, isnt she?
  9. my dad has the 5 series with the heated seats, and they really heat up.....they are nice for cold days!
  10. Well, it depends...where do you live? Do you have a budget? Also, are you getting the 328 or 335? Some features are standard on one and not the other
  11. I like heated seats (especially where i live!) but sometimes it makes me want to pee...:lol:
  12. invest in a great security system: specifically the one with motion dectors and the level sensor.

    cold weather package if you are in an area where it gets cold....duh

    upgrade rims (i like the M series rims better)

    As for the color I would go for black with tinted windows...or silver.
  13. I love the charcoal grey one too!
    My mom has a dark blue one with tinted windows. I think BMWs (especially) look so much nicer with tinted windows.

    As for extra options - I honestly have no clue what her's has lol.
  14. I like the Monaco Blue color! It's really really dark midnight blue it looks almost black. I also like the graphite - charcoal grey! :yes: And it is soo true about black being so hard to keep clean! :lol:

    What Charles said is true, the add-ons for the 328 may come standard on the 335. We got the 330 with the sport package when it first came out in June/July of 05 and it came standard with some of the options that we had to add on if we had gotten the 325. :smile:
  15. My favorite color in the new 3's is the barbera red metallic with the terra leather interior. I don't know if it only comes in the 335's or not.

    We get our BMW's with pretty much every options but the ones I have to have are:

    The premium package (I prefer the real leather as opposed to the pleather)

    Comfort access (such a kick arse feature)

    The iPod connector

    The distance park thing that beeps when you get too close to something! LOL

    Also the navi system is pretty sweet. Are the 3's also coming with iDrive? I don't really remember but that's cool too!

    Good luck with the new vehicle!