For those of you who cook for your dogs...

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  1. Could you please post how you do this? What types of ingredients do you use, and how do you ensure that your pup is getting the proper nutrients?


    PS-- not sure if it matters, but my dogs are both 3 year old Toy breeds, so they don't have any special dietary concerns I need to accommodate.:flowers:
  2. We rarely cook for my dog but she will have left over meat with some boiled rice. Sometimes she has some scrambled eggs (she just loves egg!) or left over meat with boiled pasta. Sometimes she has boiled mince (ugh!) with rice. Or she just have our leftovers from dinner (meat and veggies)
  3. Umm I totally thought this thread said "For those of you who cook your dogs..." I was like OH MY GOD WTF. lol I never really cook for my dog unless she's sick...if she's having tummy problems we make her a chicken/cottage cheese/rice meal and it helps her digestive system and she absolutely loves it.
  4. That's what I first thought, too! :lol:
  5. I had a maltese that was allergic to dog food (crazy, I know!) The only thing he could eat was Newman's Organic, and he didn't love it all that much. We fed him pasta w/ cooked carrots and chicken, pasta w/ meatsauce (only very lean meat), cut up chicken, turkey, grapes, and we would give him a little crust when we ate pizza. He lived years long than his breed's expectancy and was always very healthy and honestly never got sick. I (and our vet) really credit this to the fact that he only ate organic dog food and regular food, and when I get another dog I plan to feed him this way too. We would basically cook pasta for him at the beginning of the week, then add in chicken, carrots, etc. as it coincided with what we were making for dinner for ourselves. Every few days he would have the Newman's Organic. Hope this helps!
  6. I give my dog boiled chicken (witouth the skin) as a snack.

    but occassionally I plan to make him some yummy dinners.

    are good for dogs.
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