For Those of You Who Care About Lindsay, Well.....

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  2. Fresh out of rehab (was she ever really there) and back to her old habits, Lindsay Lohan showed up at Winston’s Bar and Lounge in West Hollywood last night. She is carrying a bottle of water with her and we don’t know what she drank in the bar but isn’t she still underage?

  3. I think she looks very healthy here ... dont like the jacket or the bag ... but she looks good.
  4. Lets hope she wasnt drinking :sad:
  5. I seriously want to believe that she is on the right path :s
  6. bad habits die hard:whistle:
  7. As do I, Lets hope eh? :sad:
  8. I love her with that hair!!

    I wished she were wearing some Mono LV though.
  9. She is looks soooo much better. Healthy. Hopefully she wasn't drinking. She was just meeting friends.
  10. i believe she will turn 21 this year... in just a few months (July)... wonder what she'll be doing to celebrate?

    she looks better than usual in these photos... kinda nice, actually.
  11. I guess if you are a celebrity you get certain privleges. Most of the time, where i am from anyways, you can't even go into a bar past a certain time if you are under 21. I think that the bars should be held partly responsible for her drinking problem. She should never be served alcohol since she is under 21. I agree that she looks healthier. I really like her hair that color.
  12. She looks a lot better here! Hopefully she doesn't go back to old habits.
  13. ITA..
  14. Anyone know what bag that is :shrugs:

  15. I'm curious too :nuts: