For those of you who buy LV on Ebay...

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  1. ...what do you look for in a seller?? Other than positive feedback, obviously. Is there certain wording that fakers try to mislead you with??

    I have heard that the fake listings say that you can return it, while authentic auctions say that you can't...HELP!! :smile:
  2. i tend to buy from someone who i've been recommended to.

    i also live on regardless if i'm buying a $3 sidekick skin, to a $1000+ purse. if you use firefox, toolhaus has an extension where you can put the toolhaus search bar right in the toolbar, so you can alway look a seller up.

    i also ask tons of questions and request more pics...if i can't get more pics, i'm WAY less likely to buy.
  3. Most of the time I look at Seller's Other Items, Completed Items and Feedback to see if they'd bought or sold anything fake in the past. Even if there is ONE item that doesn't look kosher to me, I steer clear of that seller. Good photos are important as well as sellers answering your emails promptly if you have any questions after reading item description.

    I don't want to jinx my eBay luck, but so far I've lucked out with sellers that weren't recommended by anyone nor did they have a lot of feedback. I just get a feel for the person when I email them if I have any Qs about shipping , etc. Most of my really expensive bags were bought on eBay (including both Hermes bags) and, as I said, so far so good (fingers crossed).
  4. I tend to look at:

    1) Feedback history - has the person sold high end goods before? Louis Vuitton? Are there negatives? If there are negatives I try to understand why the person got the negative (was the bag really a fake? Was the situation cleared up? etc.).

    2) What the seller is currently selling - Are there other bags/high end goods?

    3) The number of pictures taken - heat stamps (both embossed Louis Vuitton and date code), close-ups of flaws, etc.

    4) Seller's good communication - Even if the person has super high feedback, I won't buy if I can't get any e-mails.

    That's pretty much it. I've bought from high-profile sellers but I've also bought from those who may not be as popular (i.e., not affiliated with MyPouppette, ALVA, or LVLU). All my transactions (stressful or not) have been good so far.
  5. I started out by shopping only MPRS sellers, but now that they have begun to be questionable I always ask for opinions here and on the Ebay boards. Some of those folks are great at digging up things I'd never look for, or pointing out some slight mistake that ends up making the bag fake, that i may have missed!

    Some of the best deals to be had are by new sellers that are just getting rid of their own collection and don't know much about listing, especially the ones that don't understand the concept of a reserve price :devil:
  6. ^LMAO you are too funny!! :smile:

    Thanks for the advice,ladies!
  7. if someone says something like "will only take return if you get a letter from a manager at lv" that's ususally back button for me.

    and i check everything here and on the acces board on ebay. the people here are INCREDIBLE!
  8. ^good to know...what exactly is bad about them saying that about the letter??

    LOL sorry I am an Ebay novice!!
  9. I have read everything I can get my hands on about ebay and LV - the guides by Fashionphile are pretty good on ebay. Then always have the members on the authenticate thread take a look at anything you are going to bid on - I've recently purchased a beautiful l Sonatine and Vernis Agenda on ebay and had them authenticated here - you just need to be really careful and do the research before bidding - good luck!!
  10. hmm I actually don't do much research since I kinda have an eye for it, so far so good. I try to buy from people who don't know much about LV cause it's way cheaper.
  11. I too have wondered if the eBay Board yield any good info. It's good to know someone found it useful.

    I think I'll peruse around it next time I shop online, although that may be a while with all the x-mas shopping i'm doing. :yes:
  12. I think everyone has covered most of the important points here. I want to add that I make sure the sellers allow payment using Paypal (credit card), so I can reverse charge if there is a problem. I steer clear of sellers who ask for bank wire, money order, and cashier check only.

    As an extra caution of mine, for my own protection only and not necessarily applicable for others, I stay away from non-US sellers, because it is hard to chase after them if there is a problem.
  13. :yes: :yes: Also Paypal is a must for me.
  14. They won't authenticate bags for you, much less provide you with a letter.
  15. There was some article about a girl buying a bag in Korea, and then taking it to a Chanel boutique and they actually fixed it for free because they couldn't tell it was fake. I would be wary of buying from anyone who is not reputable.