for those of you who buy both used and new...

  1. how do you decide what will be used, and what will be new?
  2. I have only bought new LV. I have thought about buying a speedy cerises used since I can't go to the store and buy one anymore. I like to think of my LV's as investments and actually buy brand new ones. But the more I get addicted to LV the more I think that in the future I would buy a used one.
  3. if i see a really good deal that i can't pass up on a gently used or mint condition bag, i usually end up purchasing it. doesn't really matter which bag in particular.

    i also tend to look for bags that are currently out of my price range and see if i can find a good deal on it on eBay or let-trade. i love denim bags and a few white mc pieces, but i think they are overpriced, so i tend to search for those in excellent used condition as well
  4. I love to buy brand new when I can, but I will buy used if it's a discontinued model/color or if it's something wayy out of my price range (ex. Suhali line, sigh)
  5. Same here :yes:
  6. If I find a bag that I love and with out a doubt I will keep if forever.. then I will purchase a brand new bag.
    For one that I just want the experience of using it for a little bit- totally not in love with it 4-ever.. then it will be purchased used.
  7. I tend to buy new most of the time, but I recently bought a mint condition vernis houston bag from eBay. I'll only buy from eBay if the bag is in mint condition. :smile:
  8. well i look for a deal when i can. if something is great and in great condition and cheaper than retail- sold! although with my new SA relationship i might feel really guilty doing that lol
  9. I buy limited editions used (cerises speedy and retro) but only if they are in great like new condition. I buy everything else new...although I did buy a used trouville as I wanted a nice patina for rainy days.
  10. I see a lot of great LV stuff on ebay but I'm always afraid to go for it- even if they are recommended by My Poupette and have great feedback, I would hate to lose money or be stuck with a bag I wasn't happy with... But I'm psyched about, which I just discovered on another thread here yesterday! They seem pretty reliable, according to people here that have bought from them.
  11. I only buy discontinued items that are new or as close to new as possible and even then, that's only after I have it authenticated on the board or if I know I'm buying from someone like Let-Trade.
  12. The first used LV I bought was Petit Noe as I didn't know if I am going to like the bag or not. The rest of my used LVs were all discontinued items that I missed out on in stores.
  13. So far I've only bought used discontinued items. They attract me more than current pieces that are used.
  14. well, honestly, my first bag was suppose to be new, but my husband was in iraq and he was like what?? you're gonna spend how much on a lv bag? lv is ugly, so I found a used papillon 26 for 300 bucks. What's funny, is when he got home, he looked at the bag and said, "hmm it's not that bad." Then two weeks later he was like "Get a new bag." lol
  15. Whatever is readily available at the store I buy in store, if it's discontinued I get it on LT which most of the time is pre-owned. I was lucky enough to buy a new Graffiti Speedy in silver on LT.