For those of you w/ blue bags...

  1. are they hard to wear w/ jeans? I just bought an 05 turq & I am worried they will not look great w/ jeans, & that's what I wear all the time. How do you all feel about your blue bbags? Or even those of you who have seen the way this looks?
  2. I have an Indigo City and a Sky Bue City. I just love the colors sooo much that I told myself that I would not care whether or not they matched my denim - I would wear them regardless! In reality, they do go with denim depending on the wash, what I wear on top, and my shoes. They do not go with EVERYTHING and denim in my opinion. I consider both of these bags to be more spring/summer colors so I also wear a lot of skits and dresses, cropped pants, and shorts that are non-denim. I can wear them more frequently with my non-denim summer outfits . . .
  3. I am getting a blueberry city and that same thought crossed my mind since I wear jeans alot. I think with the right washes it will be fine. When I get my bag, the first thing I am going to do is see how it looks with denim.
  4. well if you ever decide that your 05 Turquoise just doesn't go with your denim....

    no buying is allowed in this forum!!!!!
  5. I have an indigo first. I don't really notice all the times when it doesn't match since I usually rotate my bags for when they do match. lol Am I making any sense? 05 Turquoise is a beautiful color, I'm sure it will work great with any outfit. It's a brighter blue so I think of it more as an piece that's meant to "pop" on any outfit. Not necessarily match. If you're still unsure, try checking out the celebrity thread. That's what I do ;) See what they wear it with...I think Lindsey Lohan and Nicole Richie both have that color!
  6. I have a teal and it looks great with everything.
  7. the bbag blues are the best! they honestly go with everything!!!!!! plus, no one is looking at your jeans when you're wearing a bbag :lol: you're gonna love it!
  8. ^^I agree. I wouldn't worry about whether it matches or not--just wear it with everything!

  9. he he he .... you're sooooo right MiMi ;);):tender:
  10. The turq. 05 especially looks great with denim, since it is a deep, bright
    jewel tone! The contrast is amazing, I wear my '05 first with jeans all
    the time.....
  11. I've got a Cornflower First and it's great with jeans :yes: !!!
    To be honnest it's great with everything :yahoo: !!!
    Even with my dressing door :roflmfao: ...
    Bleuet First post.jpg
  12. i've got an '06 cornflower work & i think she goes great w/jeans :yes:...i work in a creative field so i wear jeans everyday :tender:
  13. That is one of the bags I would die for!!!

    I say who cares if it doesn't go well with jeans, wear it anyways!
  14. I wear my Ink City with EVERYTHING! And I think it looks particularly hot with jeans! I say go for it!
  15. I have a Cornflower also, and it looks great with jeans! The blues are something Balenciaga does soosooo well!