For those of you that...

  1. I am sorry to post another thread... but as I sit here browsing the LV site, I have a quick question for the owners of the Denim Néo Cabby. I am thinking of getting one fairly soon and I was just wondering, what do you think of it? Which color would be the color to get? If I do get one, I am definitely getting the GM. I looked at the GM yesterday and for a GM, it's not as big as I thought it would be. TIA for your opinions :smile:.
  2. I have the Cabby MM in Black and I love it! It's not a heavy bag and I love that there's a shoulder strap's like having 2 bags in 1. I got it in black because I wanted an LV that didn't have vachetta to worry about. I love it :love:
  3. I absolutely love my black denim cabby mm! I would definately say get one!!
  4. You have quite a few denim pieces am I right? I know that the Patchwork Bowly is still available.. do you have one? How's the Patchwork speedy?
  5. i have the black neo cabby in the mm size and it really has become my "go to" bag. i love it a lot. was thinking about getting it in blue too, but i think i'm very satisfied with just having one black.
  6. Oh you gotta get the Neo Cabby GM in Black.... Then take lots of pics so I can live vicariously through you! hehe :love:
  7. I have the Neo Cabby GM in black and love it! I find I'm taking the strap off more these days and doing the hand bag thing. Let us know what you decide!
  8. i have the black one and i love it. it's very versatile and the color makes it more unique than the boring old blue
  9. I love the cabby and will get one for my birthday. I love it in the GM size and in black. So versatile.
  10. i own the black cabby mm and love it. it's more versatile...