For those of you that use the Campeggio as a school bag..

  1. Have you ever been able to fit 1 1/2 inch binders in there? I feel so stupid for not realizing this. I bought 1 1/2 inch binders specifically for this school year because in the past my 1 inch binders have gotten overcrowded. I may have to use 1 inch binders after all this year because I couldn't fit the 1 1/2 inch one in there! The opening at the top was my main problem, although I'm sure if it were a little wider it would fit. Is the Cucciolo a better choice? I like the size of the Campeggio; it seems just right for a school bag, and this issue baffles me.
  2. when i use my campeggio at school, i usually only have either a couple notebooks and a clipboard with paper and my book. i've never really tried putting binders in it. i think the cucciolo is a lot bigger. have you seen the pictures in the bag reference thread?
  3. I think you would like the diaper bag better. I just got one in Spiaggia and its wider and thicker so it can accomidate your binders. I have tried to use my campeggio for work and it is better as a purse. I don't mean to be a bad influence but there is a citta rosa diaper bag on evilbay right now BIN $219.00. Kkimm its nice to see another person on the forum from Houston. I don't see many people with Toki here except my friend, and a barista at starbucks that inquired about my bag and then bought herself an adios star bv!!!
  4. meluvbags31 i checked the reference thread after posting this &
    the cucciolo looks a little too big for me. i think somebody posted about tilting the binder to the side while putting it in the campeggio, but that didn't work for me either.. sigh

    hehe pinkstars627 i have a spiaggia campeggio that i'm using for my first day tomorrow :p i don't know anyone else in houston who wears toki either! i spotted it once at my school and one of my former friends mentioned that she has some toki stuff but not the bags, but that's about it. it seems like when i go into metropark i'm the only one looking at toki stuff :smile:
  5. i haven't tried the 1.5 inch binder...but i know my 1 inch binder only goes in "tall" way.... and barely through even at that...which SUX cuz the rest of the bag TOTALLY fits the's just the opening that is smaller... i imagine from seeing the cucciolo IRL that since the size is wider, it will easily accomodate the 1.5 inch binder. DOWNSIDE- cucciolo is super more expensive and hard to find a deal and looks more like a diaper bag than the campeggio...
  6. yeaa i had to put it in the tall way too. it really bummed me out because setting a 1.5 or any binder on top of the campeggio you'd think it'd fit but the opening doesn't allow it to.

    i do see that the outlets have pirata and adios star cucciolo's but i don't want to look ridiculous lugging that around a college campus.

    anyway, thanks guys~ maybe i'll have to get a BV after all.
  7. i think that cucciolo definitely looks like a diaper bag! what about the scuola?
  8. I don't think you can fit a binder in the scuola, it's kinda small isn't it. :confused1:
  9. Mmm, do you think a laptop could fit inside a campeggio? I know the opening is a bit smaller than the rest of the bag's width... Can any of you fit a laptop in there?
  10. i have a macbook and it fits in my campeggio. i dont use binders though, so the binder thing isnt a problem for me! good luck tho kim!
  11. I just got a campeggio in Notte that I plan to use for school and I can fit my Ibook in it easily. I like that it is as deep as it is. I'm still a little torn over it because it does seem like a lot of money to pay for essentially a black nylon messenger bag, but the bag itself is extremely well-designed (I love all the pockets and the key leash) and there is a little cow with a machine gun that peeks up at me every time I open the bag. I really like that little machine gun cow, lol! Does the leather eventually patina on these bags?
  12. Man, I should have bought a campeggio in Spiaggia from the LeSportsac website... I got a ciao instead~ It would have been perfect, then, to use for my laptop, since I have a macbook too! :biggrin:
  13. yeah macbooks r small so its really nice! u have to put it in long ways first, then rotate it to horizontal but it fits perfectly :smile:
  14. Mmm... I'll have to save for a yummy toki campeggio then :p Maybe I can ask my parents to get me one for Christmas! :yes: Since... I technically AM on a ban... *cough* :nogood: